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Belle Fiore Chateau Winery and Wine Pavilion On the upper reaches of Bear Creek flowage near Emigrant Lake—easternmost extreme of the Rogue Valley—Belle Fiore elevates the region’s wine experience to the next level of style and elegance. In tribute to Southern Oregon’s recent national accolades, many call the Rogue Valley

Living Opportunities has been serving the Rogue Valley since 1974, providing workplace advocacy, residential assistance and family consulting for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. One of their core programs, The Studio, encourages participants to express themselves creatively through artistic mediums––which can also act as a vehicle for essential communication.

Missed our Wine Issue? We revisit one of last issue’s suggestions, and recommend you pair this review with our more complete online review of local wines. Chardonnay, as one of the most neutral varietals, is heavily impressed by the conditions of the vineyard and the winemaker’s touch. Though, at its

OPB’s wine documentary shows where our wine came from Full disclosure: I drank a hard cider while watching this documentary, not wine. Blasphemous, I know, but I learned my lesson, as I was craving the good stuff by the end. The “Oregon Wine: Grapes of Place” was first shown on

“We can make wine here on par with anywhere in the world, this is an upcoming growing region to be proud of” says Michael Donovan, managing director of Irvine Vineyards and President of the Southern Oregon Winery Association. “There are a lot of really great small and family owned vineyards

While California’s wine industry is suffering from epic mega-drought, Southern Oregon’s wine industry is growing like a bean stalk (to mix agriculture metaphors). With the epically dry condition in California has crimped the flow of wine out of California, that scarcity has created an opportunity for other regions to step

Kriselle Cellars – Sauvingon Blanc There aren’t as many whites coming out of Southern Oregon as there are reds, but that doesn’t mean those that do are any less mighty. Kriselle Cellars Sauvingon Blanc is a fantastically complex wine, with a smooth yet vibrant feel and a nice long finish.

We dropped by a couple great wine bars to ask their opinions about how to best pair wine with local food, and a few suggestions for great inexpensive wine and mind-blowing expensive wines. Denise Daehler and Jim Piotter, Liquid Assets Liquid Assets 96 N Main St #201, Ashland How long

Do you ever read about wines and wonder what the heck the experts are talking about? You’re not alone. Experts don’t always know what they are talking about either, and when they do, it often involves a lot of big expensive words in the hopes that you, the reader, will

Our culture is one of multitasking: food to go, hands-free devices and still for some, walking and chewing gum. Even our relaxing and entertainment typically includes two or more points of interest. Here in the Rogue Valley, wine and adventure go together as well as wine and cheese. With affectionate