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CANYONVILLE – More than 2,000 attendees are expected for the 3rd biennial Southern Oregon Trade Careers Expo (SOTCE) on September 28th. Location: 146 Chief Milwaleta Ln., Canyonville, OR 97417 . The SOTCE goes beyond the traditional career fair as hands-on activities and living wage careers come to life. The two-part

The Other 1 Percent In September 2012, approximately 25.2 million veterans were living in the United States. estimates that over 30,000 live in Jackson and Josephine Counties. Southern Oregon seems to be rich in veterans—and those who support them. Southern Oregon Public Television launched a show on June 8 dedicated

Re: Junk Science The last issue of The Rogue Valley Messenger contained an article by a quack calling himself a “naturopathic physician,” who absurdly advocates “[deciding] on two vegetables to consume—of two different colors“—what? WHY? This makes no logical sense. The quack continues to advocate “two handfuls of raw nuts”—wouldn’t