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In this era of parroted programming and ad interruptions, community-powered KSKQ Radio (89.5 FM and 94.1 FM) is media for the people, by the people, giving listeners a breath of fresh airwaves. “The radio station is totally community run, and holds the same non-commercial educational (NCE) license as JPR (Jefferson

Just 20 years ago, the 10,000 radio stations in America were owned and operated by some 5000 different organizations, creating an eclectic patchwork of talk, music and what-not. But since 1996, radio increasingly has been consolidated into the hands of just a few corporations, with nearly 90 percent of radio

RVM: What was your first experience with radio? MM: My very first experience with radio was community radio in Portland at KBOO, and that was probably around the spring of 1994. By the fall, they hired me as their pledge drive coordinator. Every community radio has a couple big on-air