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All natural isn’t just a slogan slapped on meat these days. Nude hiking, an organized Oregon activity for over a hundred years, entices outdoor enthusiasts to stuff their clothing, and inhibitions, in a backpack and slather on sun block in places that hopefully won’t sting, to explore wilderness in-the-raw. “We

by Jeanine Moy, Outreach Director, Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center Unlike the grand, yet crowded Rockies or European Alps, our Klamath-Siskiyous and southern Cascades remain an easy place to find solitude, deep backcountry areas that are remote and rugged, and have very little public information (guidebooks or maps) about technical climbing areas.

  Snow-topped peaks and green valleys provide excellent eye-candy this time of year. Hikers (and painters and photographers) seeking a vantage point will be rewarded for their efforts. Southern Oregon offers plenty of spots for wide expansive views at the end of a good hike. Local go-tos include the ever

Forget Pinterest, forget Instagram: With just a few more weeks left of fall foliage, Rogue Valley residents can find numerous trails that meander for miles under a colorful canopy. Below are just a few easy and convenient hikes to keep you and the kiddos oohing and ahhing for the rest

New to the Valley? Syllabi making your head swim? Time to hit the trails and forget about student loans for a couple of hours. These Rogue Valley beauties are classics for locals too, presenting the perfect opportunity to observe Southern Oregonians in their natural habitat. Mt. McLoughlin, near Medford Before

Bikepacking is an overnight adventure sport, like backpacking, that trades forest service roads for trails, exchanging your backpack for a pair of saddle bags. “I always get a little jealous when I pass someone who is obviously through hiking the PCT while I’m on my way to work or running