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All events currently are subject to cancellation at short notice due to current covid compliance requirements. StoneRiver Vineyard has suspended all live music at this time until indoor shows are again allowed or until the weather warms enough for patrons to sit outside comfortably. Great live music is scheduled but will

01/16/21 – Mercy Duo                                                                   Soul / Rhythm & Blues / Pop  2:00 pm Saturday                                       StoneRiver Vineyard, 2178 Pioneer Rd, Talent, (541) 631-9583 on the lawn entertainment

December 12/12/20 – Daniel Nickels                                                             Indie Rock / Pop                          5:00 pm Saturday                                            StoneRiver Vineyard, 2178 Pioneer Rd, Talent, (541) 631-9583 12/19/20 – Ambrose & Galfano                                                   Classic Rock / Pop                   

October 10/17/20 – Daniel Nickels Indie Rock / Pop 5:00 pm Saturday StoneRiver Winery, 2178 Pioneer Rd, Talent, (541) 631-9583 10/24/20 – Mercy Duo, featuring Lynda Day Soul / Rhythm & Blues / Pop 5:00 pm Saturday StoneRiver Winery, 2178 Pioneer Rd, Talent, (541) 631-9583 10/25/20 – Taurie Michele Indie

Walkabout Brewing Company and The Oregon Booking Agency present: Laid Back Sunday Afternoon Music Every Sunday 3:00-5:00 pm – Live on the patio / lawn (weather permitting) Genre: 90’s Rock / Indie Rock Scheduled to appear: 10/04/20 – Jared Gutridge 10/11/20 – Donnie McFarlane 10/18/20 – Josh Capehart 10/25/20 –

Missed our Wine Issue? We revisit one of last issue’s suggestions, and recommend you pair this review with our more complete online review of local wines. Chardonnay, as one of the most neutral varietals, is heavily impressed by the conditions of the vineyard and the winemaker’s touch. Though, at its

Climate City Brewing is not quite a year old and already has found its footing. The third contemporary brewery in Grants Pass, Climate City is actually drawing from the city’s turn-of-the-century history (as in, 1900s, not 2000s) to bring something new to the area—and the results are wonderful. Not only

“We’re making whiskey aged in Oregon oak, made with Oregon barley, I don’t know of anyone else doing that” says Immortal Spirits owner, Jesse Gallagher. “Casks are pretty hard to get ahold of, mostly we use re coopered wine barrels that are given this heavy charcoal called Alligator skin.” Their

After a long day’s bike ride through the orchards there’s nothing better than a cold pint. While you can technically roll up in your spandex onesie to any bar after a long afternoon, some locations are more accepting than others. At Flywheel, in Talent, wearing spandex you are more likely

Some readers don’t like cocktails. They like their booze simple. For them, we here at Drink Local are featuring mead, the anti-cocktail. What’s more basic than hooch drunk from the Serengeti to the Fjords since before record? It’s one of the oldest boozes; mead, honey beer, tej. But brewers have