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05/23/21 – Taurie Michele                                                           Indie Rock / Pop                              3:00 pm Sunday                                               Walkabout Brewing Co., 921 Mason Way, Medford, (541) 734-4677 05/29/21 – Wild & Blue (Debut)                                                 Folk / Light Rock                            5:00 pm Saturday                                            StoneRiver Vineyard, 2178 Pioneer Rd, Talent, (541) 631-9583 05/30/21 – Josh Capehart                                                             Indie Rock / Pop                              3:00

Drum for fun. Drum for positive intentions Or just come to enjoy the amazing energy. Right afterwards, stay for a discussion about “Heaven on Earth.” We use Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, “Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting” as our guide. We wear masks and comply with CDC guidelines. The

IN THE COMMUNITY GALLERY Baldassare’s Italio Gardens January 15 – February 19, 2021 Paintings by Susan Austin, Katy Cauker, Susan DeRosa, Kim Faucher, Claire Harkins, Susan Kelling and Jean Mailander. Seven talented local artists celebrate master gardener Baldassare Mineo and his two acre botanical garden of renowned acclaim. A Rogue

Last week, Medford City Council presented the proposal for an exclusionary zone in downtown. The idea is that certain persons should be booted—or excluded—from the center of town. Already, someone who violates local laws and ordinances—like sleeping in the park—can be kicked out of the city park for 180 days.

Rogue Valley Messenger: Your “calling card” issue for this campaign has publicly been said to be banning marijuana grows. Why are you opposed? Ruth Moncus: Family and children. Look, we need to consider our own children in this election cycle and what future we want for our families. Many people already

In our last issue, we ran Q&A with several of the candidates for city council in Medford. We tried to contact all of the candidates, but only some responded. The email listed for Nick Lancaster, candidate for Medford City Council, Ward 2, was incorrect and he did not receive the

Rogue Valley Messenger: What is your “calling card” issue for this campaign? Michelle Blum Atkinson: Public safety is the most important aspect of government. I think it would be great if Medford were known as the “safest city in America.” By setting robust goals, we have something to work towards.

Kay Brooks Rogue Valley Messenger: You have served on city committees. How has that experience either prepared or inspired you to run for council? Kay Brooks: Serving as a Housing and Community Development Commissioner for the City has provided a profound opportunity to better understand the breadth of needs and desires

Tim D’Alessandro Rogue Valley Messenger: What did you learn from your previous campaigns? When I ran in 2014, I learned the importance of meeting as many people in the ward as possible and listening to what they would like to see happen if I were elected to serve on the

Medford City Council Candidates: The Good, Bad and Email Ugly Over the past couple weeks, we reached out to candidates for offices in Medford. With three seats open, and a changing political center and demographic in that city, there is a wide field for the positions, and a great possibility