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Ashland Independent Film Festival

As patrons of a busy diner converse about a recent downtown robbery, a man takes a seat at one of the empty booths. A waitress comes to take his order, finding herself intrigued by the stranger, even enamored. When she later finds the bag of stolen money in the trunk

What better way to make Christmas break fly by than charging up your smartphone, getting your posse together and making a movie? The Ashland Independent Film Festival is accepting films for their LAUNCH and PrideFlick film contests through January 15. As long as the criteria is met, a $500 cash

Sure, the stock market has been a bit up-and-down lately, Pope Francis gently scolded our Congress last week and stores are starting to stock Christmas decorations already. But in the grand scheme, we have it pretty good here in the United States. A unifying theme of the Varsity World Film