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PLEASE REGISTER EARLY!   In order for us to hold a class or workshop, we must meet the pre-determined minimum enrollment requirement one week prior to the first class or workshop meeting. If we do not meet the minimum enrollment, the class or workshop will be cancelled due to low enrollment.

Historically, women are often known as the storytellers, bringing to life over and over again our wisdom, histories, dreams and futures. To celebrate this tradition we are giving the gallery over to a group of artists who use their craft to tell us stories. Along with several of our gallery

On Friday Feb. 5 from 2 – 7 pm, a one day pop-up guest artist.  Visit with Cilette Swan the maker of Expiritu Jewelry.  One of a kind bold jewelry creations in silver and stone.

IN THE COMMUNITY GALLERY Baldassare’s Italio Gardens January 15 – February 19, 2021 Paintings by Susan Austin, Katy Cauker, Susan DeRosa, Kim Faucher, Claire Harkins, Susan Kelling and Jean Mailander. Seven talented local artists celebrate master gardener Baldassare Mineo and his two acre botanical garden of renowned acclaim. A Rogue

Photography by Tom Glassman and Bruce Bayard January 8–February 19, 2021 IN THE MAIN GALLERY Fine art photographers Bruce Bayard and Tom Glassman employ very different, even opposite processes, but arrive at the same destination—meticulously crafted images featuring sincerely satisfying compositions with intriguing narratives and visual allure. Images left to

Susie Lee was raised in the rural Owens Valley, California, loving nature, drawing, and woodworking. Art came naturally to Susie. With stubs of #2 pencils from school, on spare newsprint from her father’s newspaper office, she constantly drew the family dogs, cats and hamsters, the horses in nearby pastures, and

Art & Soul Gallery Cradles Rock!, Original Miniature Oil and Watercolor Paintings by Jenay Elder, Charlotte Peterson, and Judy Richardson December 3 – January 2, 2020 Local artists Jenay Elder, Charlotte Peterson, and Judy Richardson have created this rocking featured exhibition for the month of December at Art and Soul Gallery.

Landscape artist Doug Staples finds expressing mood and atmosphere by depicting weather phenomenon he has experienced in life a very rewarding experience. He tries to convey the emotional impact of these weather conditions in his paintings. “I may not have been to a given location, whether real or imaginary, but

Ages 7-11 Saturday, November 21, 12 -2 pm Explore the wide and imaginative world of Modern Art Sculptures using items that you already have on hand. Bring in a variety of objects you have from home, such as pieces of toys, games or puzzles for your student to create their

IN THE COMMUNITY GALLERY November 7—December 22, 2020 Reception: Friday, November 20, 5:30–8:00pm Rogue Gallery & Art Center invites you to see the work of its workers. Staff members of the gallery exhibit artworks in a variety of media and styles. Staff artists include Rachel Barrett, Jenny Calaba, Kim Hearon,