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It’s not Hollywood, but it’s so Oregon, which is even better, right? No car chases, nobody dies, and no guns. How awesome! Phoenix, Oregon is a fun, low-key “Zen-of-making-pizza-pies” kind of movie with an unusual shoot-out of the bowling kind. This 108-minute flick about hope was produced by Gary and

The Times of Harvey Milk There is an interview somewhere in the middle of The Times of Harvey Milk with a union man. In today’s politically-correct world he would be a Neanderthal, and using language and prejudices no longer permissible in polite society. He unabashedly admits his bias against gay

Do you love the Oregon Coast? Those who know its wild and rugged edges would have a hard time saying “no”, and they’ll appreciate the short film This Place, which quietly and gently attempts to capture the natural and cultural beauty of the Oregon Coast.  I say “attempts” because as

We’ve lived in those apartments. We’ve looked directly into the faces of those mountains. The thing about local film in a relatively small area is that recognizability and nostalgia get bonus points. Loose Ends sets the (familiar) scene with friends-turned-drug-peddling-colleagues Logan and Adam as the growing distance between their lifestyles

In a tense moment in Suffragette, famed women’s rights activist Emmeline Pankhurst (Meryl Streep) bellows, “We don’t want to be lawbreakers; we want to be lawmakers!” to the cheers of women below. It’s one of approximately 30 highly quotable lines peppered throughout the film, providing more than enough fodder for

I wasn’t expecting so many CG insects. The Last Witch Hunter is jam-packed with them—swarms of computer-drawn bugs, armies of pixelated creepy crawlies, plagues’ and pestilences’ worth of digital flies and beetles and ticks and moths. I finished watching Vin Diesel’s new fantasy action flick less than an hour ago,

OPB’s wine documentary shows where our wine came from Full disclosure: I drank a hard cider while watching this documentary, not wine. Blasphemous, I know, but I learned my lesson, as I was craving the good stuff by the end. The “Oregon Wine: Grapes of Place” was first shown on

It’s Not a Schumer! By Megan Burbank – @meganireneb Here’s fun drinking game to play while watching, oh, ANY romantic comedy: Take a sip whenever you see (1) a girl reporter in the big city, who, despite working in print media, you never see actually working (or, okay, crying because

Amy Winehouse Documentary Hits Theaters July 9 by Marjorie Skinner – @MJSkinner800 From a distance, it’s hard to tell how much celebrity suffering is theater. Asif Kapadia’s shattering documentary Amy certainly qualifies as theater in its own right, piecing together great amounts of archival, never-before-seen video footage of late musician

Aloha: Another Movie About a Sad White Guy At this point, you know what you’re getting with a Cameron Crowe movie: a sad white guy trying to find himself, a series of on-the-nose music cues, and a bunch of great actors who don’t get much to do. Crowe’s made some