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2018 Summer Music

The words “silent” and “disco” seem like an inherent contradiction. But the sight of people dancing to live DJ-ed music broadcast to wireless headphones rimmed with blinking L.E.D. lights is well-known to those prone to taking strolls through Lithia Park in Ashland during summer evenings. But those silent discos, courtesy

  Violent Femmes at Britt on Tue., June 19 Acoustic punks, with sweet lyrics, sour vocals ranges, iconic songs, and a perfect balance of rage, and goofiness. There had never been a band like the Violent Femmes when they launched in the ‘80s, and there still hasn’t been.   Lung

For this year’s summer music festival guide, we are keeping our picks within a three-hour drive.  That way you won’t have to waste too much money on gas or turn into an angry Clark W. Griswold. Three of these festivals are here in the Rogue Valley, which means you can