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Ace reporter. Produced playwright. Internationally recognized rock and roll superstar and burrito connoisseur.

I never cared for emo. Even just a few chords from bands like Dashboard Confessional, or Saves the Day, caused me to slip into some absurd macho stereotype of a high school football coach complete with the overwhelming urge to grab the band venting their inner turmoil by the ears

Like so many young Ashlanders, Sarah Kreisman has done time on the mean streets of Portland. But she found the streets in the city’s famed Belmont and Hawthorne districts a little less mean. “Those neighborhoods that had those beautiful little benches and libraries,” says Kreisman. “It felt like I was

San Jose based psych rock group COLA started out as drummer and vocalist Cliff Rawson’s means to get the musical demons out of his head. But he slowly added in more players, as solo projects are wont to do, until it evolved away from the one-man indie-rock New York fetishism

As we exited the theater after seeing, Off the Rails, which opened at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival on July 27, and will run through October 28, my girlfriend said exactly what I was already thinking: “That’s going to be hard to write about.” And boy howdy was she right. The

When describing a band, lounge, is kind of a dirty word, a term that’s most commonly employed to mean corny. Background. Elevator. But like all genres, it can be used for good or evil. It’s just that in a modern context, lounge is most commonly used for evil. But the

  No matter their genre of choice, most music fans will claim that the good stuff isn’t what’s on the radio. But perhaps nowhere is that split more pronounced than in country music, in which Nashville dominates the charts worldwide, but arguably isn’t even country music at all. That split

A few years back I attended a panel at SXSW entitled: “album release strategies for the future.” It had the prerequisite discussions of social media and internet strategy for looking forward. But what I found odd was that it only seemed to focus on albums whose production was still rooted

Most bands form when a couple of college friends realize they all play guitar and just have a few ideas they want to jam out. Oakland-based indie group Felsen–who will be playing at Johnny B’s on Sat., July 22–was formed under very different circumstances, circumstances that can be heard in

Usually a band spends its first year falling flat on its face. Seattle group, Headwaves, has done pretty much the opposite. Though its members had all done time in the Seattle underground, the band emerged from its rehearsal space fully-formed, with an EP, music video and a booked tour before

In his book, How Music Works, David Byrne of Talking Heads devotes a chapter to his theories on how the physical space in which music is performed in influences the music being created, as it encourages or discourages certain styles through acoustics and aesthetics. For example: the lush reverbs of