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In a world full of themed bands, Warning Danger was one of the oddest. While punk is a genre built on moral and physical danger, the Seattle band was more interested in safety. Songs covered best safety practices for everything from cougar attacks, to fire ants, to truck stop toilet

As a critic, I’ve made no secret of my antithapy towards the Rogue Valley’s penchant for folk revivalism. Not because I don’t like the music, but because of the rehashing of standards with lyrical themes about tripping the life hobotastic while fleeing the dust bowl while we are currently neck

In March, the masses spoke about their favorite local bands in our Best of the Rogue poll. They chose, Slow Corpse. But for our summer music preview, we skip the masses and poll the experts. We reach out to the folks on the ground level of the local music industry

Helmet, Sat., June 24 at Melomane in Medford Helmet, platinum-selling, stadium-playing, genuine global metal superstars, are playing an outdoor show in the downtown Medford Commons headlining the Melomane Music Festival. Besides the fact that’s it’s gonna be epic, it’s worth going just to see the confused looks on the faces

Things everyone hates about music festivals: traffic, claustrophobic crowds, high ticket prices, being trapped inside, price-gouging by vendors. Here’s what people like about music festivals: a lot of different acts to see in one central place. A new music festival in Grants Pass may not have holographic Tupac headlining, but

Scarlet Canary’s most popular song on Spotify is called “The Death of Rock and Roll,” which is a bit ironic, since rock and roll is alive and kicking in their music. The Colorado band’s sound is a riff heavy, balls-out, face-melting combo of blazing guitars, precision drumming, and powerhouse rock

Forrest Gump’s mom was wrong. Boxes of chocolates come with labels. If anything, life is more like a local music review column in that you never know what you’re going to get. The genres are as fluid as the talent, and the moment you think you know what’s coming (probably

Ryan Jacobs grew up in Grants Pass, then did as Southern Oregon youth are wont to do and followed the ol’ dusty freeway up to Portland. But unlike so many that are glad to forget their humble beginnings, he and his indie-rock band, Melville, are big fans of coming back

It’s an old musician’s cliche that you should never give up on your dreams. But the other side of that is that at a certain point, your back starts to hurt from schlepping your amplifier in and out of basements. And your wallet starts to hurt from constantly bailing it

For awhile now, the buzzword of choice in hip hop has been conscious. Ashland emcee Lxor heads in nearly the opposite direction, towards the occult. Topics on his new album, Moon Tow Drivers 1.0, released in late April,  include pentagrams, outer space, devils, secret computer viruses, fallen angels, conspiracies, and