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Jordan Marie Martinez

Jordan Marie Martinez

Since graduating from Eastern Nazarene College in the Boston area with a B.A. in Journalism and Writing, Jordan Martinez has been writing and copy editing for a few different publications, including the Rogue Valley Messenger. She loved living on the other side of the country for three brief years, but Southern Oregon is truly where she belongs. She also writes for, Showcase Magazine, and is the Copy Editor for Southern Oregon Magazine and Las Vegas Golf & Leisure Magazine. When she isn't writing articles, she's either working on her next book, reading, drawing, watching “There Will Be Blood,” or pulling shots at GoodBean in Jacksonville. You can check out her artwork at, where she's been featured and loves using the site as a creative outlet:

A glass of wine worked for tastes better than something one might have picked up at the grocery store. After pedaling through the pristine Applegate Valley for several miles from winery to winery, each glass tastes better than the last. Southern Oregon has established itself as a vineyard mecca for

Whether it’s cooking, barbecuing, or smoking meat, there are better, worse, and more preferred ways to do it. Smoked salmon to Oregon is like barbecued pork to the South, an age-old method of preparing delicious, savory meat. Saturday, September 23 the Maslow Project is hosting the Fourth Annual Southern Oregon

When asked to think about stained glass, you might envision the large windows of a church or cathedral. Maybe you’re reminded of a small stained glass window at an old friend or grandparent’s house. Since retiring from teaching, Jannie Ledard has been focusing her artistic energy and talent on stained

In the spirit of new takes on old classics, like Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief or O Brother, Where Art Thou?, playwright C. Scott Wilkerson’s Seven Dreams of Falling focuses on Greek mythology’s Icarus, and his struggles with others and himself. The production will premiere at Collaborate Theatre Project

A balmy summer day opens on an egret-filled pond. Flowers dot the earthy landscape and trees border the marshy wetlands. It’s a painting so beautiful and vibrant one might want to jump into it. This oil painting by Penny Simons, as well as several others, are on display at Art

Labor Day weekend is like the last hurrah for summer. Fall is closer to our doorsteps than just around the corner, and the school year is ready to begin whether children are ready for it or not. Dozens of events are taking place during the holiday weekend in the Rogue

February 26, 1979 in the U.S. might have looked a lot like what Monday, August 21 of this year will look like: hundreds of thousands of people gazing upward at the total solar eclipse. A total solar eclipse doesn’t come around that often, and presumably won’t be visible again until

Honey, one of the most common sweeteners people use in their coffee, tea, and baking, is produced in an intricate process easily taken for granted. Not only is the process intricate, but the producers––bees––are being threatened more and more each year. Oregon Honey Festival exists to celebrate and inform the

If there’s a man who loves telling other’s passions, aspirations, and stories, it’s Christopher Lucas. Not only is he the new full-time digital cinema instructor at Southern Oregon University, he has produced, written, and been involved in multiple film projects. With a deep history in film, Lucas started in broadcasting

From New Orleans to Boston to the Rogue Valley, art has found Marigny Goodyear everywhere she goes. Throughout August, Goodyear is featuring her abstract art, titled “Naturals,” that began with an opening reception earlier this month. Her work has been showcased at Ashland Design Studio and in Bend at Legum