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Caitlin Fowlkes

Caitlin Fowlkes

Over the past several years, Medford Beer Week has ballooned to more than one hundred beer-related events. (And, actually the “week” is 10 days, June 7-16, but perhaps they are seeing double on some of those days.) From collaborations between some of the best breweries in the state, beer release

Rogue Valley Messenger: You won 85 percent of the vote. What was that experience like? Michelle Blum Atkinson: I was honored to win 85 percent of the vote in the contested primary; the support of my community means a lot to me. I think the people of Medford are ready

The annual Boatnik Celebration may be turning 60 this year, but it is nowhere near considering retirement. Hosted by the Grants Pass Active Club every Memorial Day weekend—May 24 to 28 this year—draws over 10,000 people to the parade alone, and nearly the entire population of Grants Pass in all.

Sixteen hot-air balloons and more than 50 large-scale kites—including the largest kite in the world which just happens to be an American flag—will fly over Grants Pass the first weekend in June at the second annual Balloon and Kite Festival. The sky will explode with color at the balloon launch

Rogue Valley Messenger: What kind of programs do the Ashland Public Schools have that normally wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for ASF? Susan Bacon: Through our Education Support grants, the Ashland Schools Foundation grants the school district over $150,000 annually for additional teachers and other educators to support a variety of programs and needs

Spring is the perfect time to hike Eight-Dollar Mountain as the snow has melted, the weather is a refreshing temperature, and the wildflowers are abundant. The mountain is owned by the Siskiyou National Forest and the Bureau of Land Management, meaning it’s open to the public year-round. This area is

The words “silent” and “disco” seem like an inherent contradiction. But the sight of people dancing to live DJ-ed music broadcast to wireless headphones rimmed with blinking L.E.D. lights is well-known to those prone to taking strolls through Lithia Park in Ashland during summer evenings. But those silent discos, courtesy

Rogue Valley Messenger: Outside of your professional experience what sets you apart, at the personal level, from the other Jackson County Circuit Court Judge candidates? David Orr: My unique life experiences give me perspectives that very few judicial candidates are likely to have. I did not come from a privileged

  Rogue Valley Messenger: What do you do as chair of the arts commission?  ​Simone Stewart: I am the leader of the commission. I set the agenda for our meetings and conduct our meetings. I am the point of contact between the city of Medford and the Arts Commission. We

Running, cycling and kayaking 46 miles sounds like a lot of work, but when it raises $25,000 for local non-profit Rogue Valley Farm 2 School, it can be a walk in the park. Starting and finishing at ScienceWorks, the Siskiyou Challenge is a six-leg, multi-event race by bike, run and