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Caitlin Fowlkes

Caitlin Fowlkes

The SOU track and field season is more than halfway completed and the team is going the distance, according to head coach Grier Gatlin. “Overall, I think we have a solid men and women’s team,” Gatlin said. “I think our women’s team is greatly improved from the last couple of

Rogue Valley Messenger: You are an English literature professor at SOU, correct? What is your favorite topic to teach and why? Alma Rosa Alvarez: I am currently an English literature professor at SOU. I have a wide range of favorite topics. I teach U.S. Literature. One of my favorite topics

The nostalgia of childhood games awaits. An old-school arcade called The Gameworks just opened in Klamath Falls, and has more than 50 classic arcade games and pinball machines. Brian Houck, KF resident, has been collecting classic arcade games for more than 20 years. He said he grew up in KF

Rogue Valley Messenger: What important issues are in front of City Council currently?  Clay Bearnson: In my opinion, the most pressing issues that we are starting to tackle are homelessness, the housing crisis, downtown revitalization, and repeat drug offenders that have no fear of any punishment due the turnstile door

If you’ve never taken a tour of the Rogue Creamery or tasted their certified organic cheese, can you really call yourself a Southern Oregonian? Am I right? This coming weekend is a crash course in cheese. Come watch Sarah Kaufman, the famous “Cheese Lady” from Wisconsin, sculpt art out of

Rogue Valley Messenger: You are an English literature professor at SOU. What is your favorite topic to teach and why? Alma Rosa Alvarez: I teach US Literature. One of my favorite topics to teach is Modernism. I also like teaching US Ethnic Literature. I am currently teaching a course on

Living in Southern Oregon comes with perks including an expansive outdoor playground with beautiful views. Most hikes with gorgeous views come with elevation gain. Always check local weather and snow conditions in the area before setting off. Upper and Lower Table Rocks: Spring offers the best time to view the

Rogue Valley Messenger: What is the Rogue Farm Corps? Stuart O’Neill: Rogue Farm Corps trains and equips the next generation of farmers and ranchers through hands-on educational programs and the preservation of farmland. Many [first generation farmers] are aware of the looming crisis in agriculture, as the average age of

  Death is difficult. Difficult to understand. Difficult to accept. It’s frightening and messy and emotionally overwhelming. Thankfully, there’s Gary Halliburton, a local blues musician, who makes this process just slightly easier to bear—through film! Stated plainly: Halliburton creates videos of people at the end of their lives to share

The Mt. Ashland ski area was open a mere eight days as of early February, this season, but that’s not keeping Hiram Towle, Mt. Ashland’s general manager, from holding out hope. “We’re simply waiting for more snow, hopefully by the end of this month,” Towle said. According to Towle, the