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You Might be a Redneck: Put Your Truck Where Your Mouth is at The Redneck Games

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Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 2.18.32 PMPole-vaulting and bobsledding aren’t for everyone. That’s why there is the equalizing “Toilet-seat Horseshoes” event at The Redneck Games at the Jackson County Expo and the Hoover Ponds on October 3 and 4. And if toilet-seats don’t strike your fancy, perhaps showing off your truck’s horsepower in a tug-o-war will get your engines revved.

The Redneck Games are new to our neck of the woods, and local organizer Matt Phillips of Rogue Promotions 541, along with his partner Doug, have set out to make the maiden voyage epic.

“In the 90s, when the Olympics were in Atlanta, the Redneck Games started as a spoof because average, Joe Blow America was like, ‘What about us?’,” says Phillips. “It started out as ‘family reunion goofy games’ and then grew. It is now a national event that has popped up all over the place, though there haven’t been any west of Texas until this point really. It is a pretty good idea, and we made it better.”

Better, meaning: 50 events and two days—go big or go home. The weekend kicks off with a 5K mud run and obstacle course on Saturday morning; the goal being to get muddy, not set a speed record. A refreshing dip in the mud is only the beginning. Everything from multiple eating contests, team relays and several competitions involving redneck staples like tires, toilet plungers and drinking games (featuring soda, juice or water as this family-friendly event keeps the beer in the beer garden) will test every redneck to the limit.

Throughout the day, four lucky redneck couples will be having their actual weddings take place. Through a contest on 105.1 FM, they won ring vouchers, decorations, flowers, food from Texas Roadhouse, a honeymoon at Diamond Lake Resort, and thousands of extra, random guests. Though that competition is already complete, there will still be $12,000 in prizes awarded, including a full scholarship to Aisling Truck Academy in White City.

Another crowd pleaser is sure to be The Frozen T-Shirt Contest, in which contestants are given a folded up t-shirt that is frozen solid and they have to thaw it and put it on the fastest. If you are thinking about peeing on it—1. that’s against the rules 2. that’s disgusting 3. you might be a redneck.

That event and the rest of Saturday’s festivities will be held at the Jackson County Expo. On Sunday, the action continues at the Hoover Ponds in White City in the truck competitions. From truck tug-o-war to the articulation contest to the rock crawl, make sure you fuel up before strutting your stuff.

Food and merchandise vendors will be present at both venues. For a full event listing and sign up details, visit roguepromotions541.com.

“I had a lady ask me the other day if you needed to be a professional athlete to compete in the Redneck Games,” chuckles Phillips.

Professional athlete? No. “Professional” redneck? Yes.


Redneck Games

8 am – 10 pm, Saturday, October 3.

Jackson County Expo, 1 Peninger Road, Central Point.

8 am – 5 pm, Sunday, October 4.

Hoover Ponds, near the Sports Park off Lakeview Drive, White City.

$5 per person or $20 per truckload. $20, mud run; $30, with t-shirt.

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