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Winter is Coming: 3 Ways to Prep for Snowmobile Season

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Currently, there are more than a million registered snowmobiles in the US, and over 600,000 in Canada. Though in many places, the snow won’t fly for at least another month, hundreds of thousands of dedicated riders are checking the weather and counting the days until they can finally let the sled out.

If you have the fall blues, and just can’t wait for the snowy season, here are a few ways to prep for snowmobile season to help pass the time:

  1. Prep Your Sled:
    Nothing is worse than waiting all year to ride, then breaking down a mere mile away from home. Avoid the heartbreak and prep your sled.

    About a month before it’s snow time, is give your snowmobile a thorough maintenance day. Start with a visual inspection. Clean the exterior and the seat, making note of any scuffs or damage. Visually inspect the skis to see if they’ll need to be replaced before or during the riding season. Also, take a look at the body for signs of cracking or other pressure, and look at the belt and idler wheels.

    Then, check the engine, making sure all fluids are topped off. Clean the carburetor after it’s long storage using fluid and a cleaning tool kit. Some other common engine issues to check for, according to Gold Eagle, include issues with the throttle, oil cables, fan, and water pump belt.

  2. Make Some Plans
    Though it’s hard to know when the snow will be best, another good way to prep for the season and help pass the time is to make a few plans for some awesome trips. Call up riding friends and find out if there are any new trails they want to check out and consider joining a local club if you haven’t already.
  3. Get New Gear
    Often, early fall is a good time to buy winter clothes and sled gear. Beat the rush and find good deals online for gloves, masks, helmets, boots and more. Non-winter months are also a good time to find deals on parts, so your snowmobile can be in top condition when winter comes. You can even look for a new sled for sale to add a fresh ride to your fleet!

Waiting for that first ride of the season can be tough. Care for your sled, stock up on your gear, and call up your friends to help pass the days before you can finally hit the trails. Happy riding!

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