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Why Wellness Matters and How to Improve Yours

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Wellness is all about making the most of your life. When you follow the principles of wellness, your focus shifts to health and preventing disease rather than waiting until you have been diagnosed with a condition to make changes. It also encompasses all aspects of your life, recognizing that valuing such things as time for yourself and reducing stress are key to health. With this approach, your life is cohesive rather than compartmentalized. The usual approaches to physical health matter–nutrition, exercise, plenty of sleep–but it doesn’t stop there. The tips below can help you better integrate mind, body and spirit.

The Priorities Game

Does your day-to-day life consist of the things that matter most to you? When you do this exercise, you may be surprised at the answer. Make a list of the things that you prioritize. Then make a list of how you spend your days. If you are like most people, you will probably find that you are spending a lot of time on things that have little value for you and you could stand to invest in yourself a little bit more. Some of those things are unavoidable–maybe you don’t love your job, but you need money–but how often are you mindlessly watching a show or scrolling online instead of pursuing a hobby or talking to a friend? Look at your list and think about how you can use your time better to include the things you love in your life.

Maximizing Your Finances

It may surprise you to think about finances as an aspect of wellness, but there are a few reasons this is the case. Finances are a huge source of stress for many people, and financial stability can go a long way toward relieving that stress. Furthermore, when you have some disposable income, you are better able to splurge on small and sometimes large things to enhance your life. Money can’t buy happiness but having enough to meet your needs and not worry about the future is important. You may want to review your savings and investment strategies to see if you could make more of them. Consider investing in rental homes using a self-directed IRA. This actually allows you to invest in shares without becoming a landlord, getting such tax benefits as deductions for property owning, and ultimately being able to keep more of your investment return.

Notice Your Transitions

It’s important to keep in mind that while wellness means making the most of what you have, it doesn’t mean you should be locked into a rigid pattern of productivity, trying to make the most of every moment by doing the most things. In fact, you should be doing the opposite, slowing down, and paying attention. One of the best ways to do this is by noticing how you transition from one task to another. Productivity hacks often fail because they do not allow for this, assuming that everyone moves effortlessly from task to task. Try building in small breaks. Maybe you will take one minute or five minutes to close your eyes and breathe or stretch, or if you can spare a few more minutes, to take a quick walk, listen to a piece of music or simply sit quietly with your thoughts.


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