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Which Magic Spoon Cereal Flavor is the Best?

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Don’t you just love those childhood memories where life was sweet—including breakfast?

There was nothing quite like waking up on a Saturday morning, selecting the sugary cereal you wanted to snack on, and not feeling an ounce of guilt over it!

But now, as adults, you can’t quite eat those delicious cereals with the same naivety. You know more so than ever that kid’s cereals are notoriously sugary, and too much sugar is bad for your health. So as we got older, our breakfasts became blander as a result.

That is until magic spoon cereal created a delicious way for us to enjoy those childhood memories in a healthy way! Using nutritional science and a dose of creativity, you can have guilt-free cereal breakfasts any day of the week.

 How Magic Spoon Cereal Works

So if you are wondering how on earth this magic spoon cereal actually works, then look no further than here. In fact, all the celebrities are craving magic spoon cereal too.

The way they have achieved such delicious results is the scientific approach the creators have taken. They decided to remake the most classic childhood cereals and combine it with all the essential nutrients you need at breakfast to feel powered through the day. Best of all, no processed sugar whatsoever.

Plus, the branding of magic spoon cereal seems to add a little extra magic to every spoonful too. The cereal boxes are also recreated so that you have the illusion that you really are eating the real version of fruit loops or captain crunch!

There is zero guilt in purchasing a box of magic spoon cereal. But the hardest part about it will be deciding what flavor is actually the best. Because they all share equivalent nutritional values of lots of protein, minimum carbs, and zero nasty processed sugar.

Even better, all the flavors of magic spoon cereal are equally grain-free and gluten-free. This means that it is basically keto friendly too. What exactly is the magic recipe that is inside? We’re about to share that all with you.

What is in Magic Spoon Cereal

The secret recipe to all the delicious magic spoon cereal flavors is as follows.

A Bit of Milk Protein

Blending the right levels of concentrate and casein, the cereal is jam-packed with a ton of protein. This means that with every spoonful you will be filling your body up with enough energy to get through the day.

A Mix of Natural Sweetener

Replacing the need for processed sugar with natural sweeteners like monk fruit and fig plants, this cereal boasts flavors that are too good to be healthy! It will also make you wonder why all foods do not use these mixes of natural sweeteners too.

A Bit of Oil

Rather than using starch or other oils that can be horrible for you, these cereals instead fuse sunflower oil, avocado oil, and peanut oil together. All come with all the healthy fats you need and antioxidants as a bonus!

All the Spices

Of course, the best way to get flavors that taste great and are also good for you is to use a whole lot of natural spices. So rather than artificial flavors, these cereals use cacao powder, spirulina, and turmeric to give the cereal bright colors and a huge pop of superfood power too.

The Best Magic Spoon Cereal Flavors to Try

While the cereals all share a common denominator of baseline ingredients, there are a whole range of unique flavors to choose from—many of which have been designed to mimic your actual favorite childhood cereals. Here are the best ones that you absolutely have to try!

1. Fruity Magic Spoon – Fruity and Loopy

Fruit Loops were always fun as a kid because they would turn your milk the colors of the rainbow. This type of cereal does the same, but the colors are not the result of artificial flavoring. With only goodness in every bite, you will adore tasting the rainbow and feeling great about it too.

 2. Peanut Butter Magic Spoon –Crunchy and Powerful

There is something about peanut butter for breakfast that is so fun. This flavor allows you to get all your crunchy and nutty peanut butter cravings while also charging you up with a ton of protein too. Make sure to mix in extra creamy oat milk too for the perfect result.

3. Frosted Magic Spoon – Sweet and Subtle

If you were a frosted flakes fan growing up then you will love this flavor of cereal. With a subtle hint of vanilla and absolutely no sugar, you won’t believe that cereal this sweet can be so good for you.

 4. Blueberry Muffin Magic Spoon – Calorie Free Goodness

We all love the taste of fresh blueberry muffins, but not how many calories are in them. But with this flavor of cereal, you get a great taste and minimal calories as a result—the ultimate win-win.


What flavor will you be trying next?





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