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Which dog breeds are the most loyal?

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Want to know what the best breed of dog is for you? Are you looking for a loyal companion or a dog to bark when strangers approach your property? Perhaps you’re looking for an excitable pup that is extremely fun and playful, regardless of the circumstances. There are countless breeds of dogs out there but have you ever wondered which one is the most loyal? If you’re looking for a loyal companion, the following breeds are where you should hone your focus. This list includes dogs who are highly intelligent, have great herding skills, and an innate desire to please their beloved owners.


Also known as the Groodle, the Goldendoodle is a crossbreed between a poodle and a golden retriever. These dogs need to be bred, and if you are looking for a Petite Goldendoodle, you might realize they’re difficult to find unless you go through ABCs Puppy Zs, which you can find more information about here. These fluffy dogs were first widely bred in the 1990’s and have a lifespan of 10-15 years. Their temperament is friendly, energetic, intelligent, and trainable and these dogs are also highly affectionate. These dogs are known to be quite quick-witted and are very loyal to their owners. They mainly display loyalty by staying on guard and being very protective of their owners. They also attach themselves very close to their family members. Their loyalty will only develop once they know they can trust you so if you want this dog to be your loyal companion, you need to create a safe space full of love.

Basset hound

The basset hound is part of the hound family and this breed of dog is famously known for its droopy ears and short legs. They were originally bred for hunting hare and they have an impeccable sense of smell. Their lifespan is 10-12 years and their temperament is friendly, tenacious, devoted, affectionate, gentle, and sweet-tempered. Basset hounds were initially bred as pack dogs and as a result, they love to be with their families. They are also labeled as the ideal family pet because of their extreme loyalty to their owners. They usually display their loyalty giving their owners loving energy. Hunting dogs also tend to be more loyal to their owners because they have to rely heavily on them when on a hunting trip.

German shepherd

The German shepherd is the most famous working dog and is often used by systems of authority to do jobs such as sniff out drugs or even sniff out dead bodies. The life span of this dog is 9-13 years and their temperament is intelligent, stubborn, obedient, alert, watchful, curious, confident, and loyal. Don’t let their working reputation scare you, these dogs can make very gentle and protective family dogs if trained properly. In terms of loyalty, this breed is considered one of the most loyal and they have strong instincts to protect their territory and their entire family, especially their owners. The reason for their loyalty is because they were bred to be obedient and obey their owners. Protection is how they show loyalty.


Beagles were originally bred for hunting and they are small dogs from the hound family. Their lifespan is 12-15 years and their temperament is intelligent, amiable, excitable, even-tempered, gentle and determined. Beagles have been bred to find satisfaction in serving their owners and can be very loyal.  These happy-go-lucky dogs love their owners, all that is required is for them to be treated well. These dogs are very affectionate and will follow their owners around because they have such intense loyalty.

Border collie

Border collies are herding and working dogs that were used to herd livestock, mainly sheep. Their lifespan is 10-17 years and their temperament is intelligent, tenacious, responsive, energetic, keen, alert, athletic, and energetic. These dogs are known for their passionate devotion to their owners and are very loyal creatures, even to a fault. As working dogs, they have been bred to look to their owners for direction. If you are looking for loyalty, these dogs are perfect and will seek to form a deep bond with you.

Great Pyrenees

These mountain dogs come from France and have a lifespan of 10-12 years. Their temperament is gentle, confident, fearless, affectionate, patient, and strong-willed. These dogs are considered one of the most loyal and have strong protective instincts because they are territorial, especially of their family.


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