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When Painting Meets Music: Artist Cammy Davis’ Video Series

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Local artist Cammy Davis didn’t grow up watching TV, but was left to entertain herself with anything else she could get her hands on.

“At five or six I remember doing this little painting I did for my grandma and she kept it in her recipe book and I saw it for years and years,” she says about her earliest memory with art. “We were always doing creative things. If I wanted something, I had to find a way to make it, and that came up in my art.”

Between raising her kids and going back to school, she continued to pursue art. Throughout her career, she’s found ways to make her art more accessible through jewelry and how to collaborate with other artists to further showcase her, as well as others’ talents.

Her current art project is a video series where she paints live to music played by a local musician. Her first video premiered three years ago with country musician Darrin Wayne. She says the first time she heard him play, “I had such a strong reaction to him playing there in person.” She brainstormed how she could combine his music with her art, and the concept of live art videos was born. “I think my first feeling is just the breadth of talent we have in Southern Oregon. I’m astounded at the local musicians and local artists.”

She’s collaborated with Jeff Kloetzel on multiple videos, White Pale Horses, and the Fellowship String Quartet. With three videos already done, she plans to do one a month for a year, exploring different genres and how they affect her art. “I’m really moved when it’s live,” she says. “I think being a creative person I’m motivated by creativity. It’s been challenging for me the way I set the project up with the musicians. This time I actually decided to do cover songs.”

She hopes her audiences is “moved in different ways, whether it’s the music or the art.” To watch her music art videos, visit her website at cammydavis.com.

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