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What’s the Deal with Hemp? The Product with Unlimited Possibilities

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Photo Credit: Andrew Robison

If there is such a thing as a miracle product, hemp would be a suitable contender for the title.

According to Kit Doyle of Murphy Hemp Company, “It solves some of the world’s greatest problems. From biodegradable plastics, food, fiber, and natural medicine. [Hemp] has the ability to bring wealth to rural areas, as a resource that can produce 50,000 products.”

Manager of the Talent Health Club Andrew Robinson says, “Hemp is one of the most important plants in human history and one of the most needed plants at this point in time if we are to save the future of humanity from its own self-destruction on this planet.”

The benefits of hemp aren’t a secret, and popularity of the plant is on a steady incline as consumers learn more about what it can do for them and the environment. Doyle says his business was started “because of the Medical Dispensary program being pushed aside by the Recreational movement of Oregon by big business and lobbied legislators.”

With three stores in Josephine County, costumers have easier access to using and learning about hemp at Murphy Hemp Company. “Our associates provide guidance and education to those seeking natural solutions,” he says. “The brick and mortar part of our operation is where we get to give back to our community, by guiding them to healthier and happier alternatives.”

While the plant is usually consumed, Robinson explains that its uses are seemingly endless. “Most exciting to note are the plethora of products that can be made from the strong fibers and/or the woody pulp (hurd) found in the core of the stems and stalks,” he says. “This endless list of goods includes extremely healthy food, textiles/clothing, hempcrete and other construction materials, plastics, fuel, explosives, automobile construction materials, oil, etc.” The opportunities in hemp essentially end when the person stops looking for ways to use it.

Hemp was featured on CNN in 2013 and a bill was passed in 2014 to study it in more depth. Robinson adds that the recent Department of Justice moved the research on hemp forward “to find their way into consumers’ lives and push the United States into the spotlight as not only the world’s most powerful nation looking the other way when it comes to the war on cannabis, but actually starting to garner support and gain momentum among its citizens and its politicians when it comes to nationwide legalization of hemp in particular.”

Robinson dubs hemp the “industrial-use side of the plant. It is estimated between 25,000 and 50,000 products can be manufactured from industrial hemp. It produces four times as much biomass as traditional lumber. It fixes and replenishes toxic or over-farmed soil.” He hopes professions like construction utilizes the product to reduce pollution and waste.

The most important issue is bringing awareness to hemp as a whole. “There is a tremendous awareness growing throughout the world, towards all things hemp,” Doyle says. “The greatest growth in terms of dollars is in the Medicinal use of CBD Hemp products.” While CBD––the medicinal side of hemp––has a handful of side effects, people are often prescribed it to treat a number of illnesses.

The negative side effects of hemp are only those that have come with eighty years of prohibition. In other words: uneducated consumers and public; new and inexperienced industries; poor public perception of what exactly hemp is or what it can do for our country and our planet,” says Robinson.

In the meantime, spreading awareness of hemp’s benefits is best thing that can happen to the product. Hemp products can be found at both Murphy Hemp Company and Talent Health Club.


Talent Health Club

10 am – 8 pm, Monday – Saturday

10 am – 6 pm, Sunday

1007 S Pacific Hwy, G-Unit, Talent



Murphy Hemp Company

10 am – 6 pm, Monday – Friday

10 am – 4 pm, Saturday

154 Merlin Road, Merlin

208 NE 6th Street, Grants Pass

6890 Williams Hwy, Grants Pass



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