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What to Pack for a Norwegian Adventure

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Norway is the ultimate backpacker paradise due to the wide variety of landscapes in this isolated country. Filled to the brim with fantastic hiking, superb skiing, hot beaches in the summer and a busy city life – you’ll never be bored. Once you’ve decided on the best route for your Norwegian Adventure, you’ll need some supplies to take full advantage of the glorious scenery. Don’t forget to pack these items on your next vacation.

Waterproof Backpack

Yes, you will be packing inside the backpack, but it’s essential to have the right gear to protect your electronics. Good quality gear is essential, so opt for a hiking backpack that’s large enough to keep necessities, but not too large that it will weigh you down. A 35-40 liter bag is the perfect size for the average person, but if you are around 5’4” or less, try a 30-liter bag instead.

Pick one with a lightweight frame and comfortable waist straps, so it doesn’t knock around or cause heat rash. Finally, it needs to be waterproof, not resistant. Water-resistant means water can still seep in through the zippers or fabric.

Cell Phone with Data

You likely take your cellphone with you, no matter where you go, but WiFi will be in small supply if you’re outside the city centers. Ask your cellphone provider to up your data plan for the month you’ll be staying in Norway, so you can use your favourite applications, and listen to podcasts and audiobooks. If you’re a fan of gaming, you may even want to check out some of the live casino games on Casumo’s Norwegian site.

Don’t forget the survival aspect of a cell phone, as well, because it will come in handy if you’re lost. The official Norway transportation website has a comprehensive train and bus schedule that’s mobile-friendly. Use this website to find your way back to your hotel if needed.

Proper Clothing

It’s better to pack light and only bring a few sets of clothes that rotate throughout the week. A capsule wardrobe, which includes a jacket, 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, 2 sweaters, 7 days of underwear, 2 pairs of shoes, and winter clothes is more than enough.

Since Norway has a colder climate, it’s in your best interest to pack a waterproof jacket, scarf, hat, buff, and packing cubes to keep you warm. Packing cubes may be the best traveling invention of all time because they can keep your clothes and contents in your backpack warm. Even if you do go in the summer to enjoy the thriving beach culture, it will always be cold up north. If you plan on hiking in Lofoten (northern islands) – pack warm!

Camera Gear

Newer phones have cameras good enough to capture your vacation, but it’s better to invest in a GoPro. First, a GoPro is entirely weatherproof, as a thick plastic case protects its contents. You can drop it in the ocean and pull it out in working order. GoPros also have balancing technology within it, so you can take fantastic shots while moving at fast speeds on bikes or in cars.

GoPros also have a longer battery life, because they serve one purpose instead of swapping through multiple functions, like your cellphone. Survivalists prefer the GoPro Hero 5, but no matter which model you choose, pack an extra battery and anti-fog inserts.

Camping Gear

Accommodation options and hotels are limited outside of the main cities. Even their towns have virtually no hotels, but there are ample amounts of camping areas for you to explore. Most campsites offer communal showers, cooking facilities, and allow you to purchase or rent camping equipment. Norweigan campsites are of very high quality.

If you want to buy a tent while in Norway, that’s probably the best option for you because you’ll have less to put on the plane on the way there. You can also sell your equipment once done. Look for a four-person tent with extra pegs. Anyone who has been camping knows that a two-person tent for two people will literally only fit two people and no excess luggage.

Invest in an air mattress and sleeping bag, so you’re warm if the temperature drops overnight. Norweigan nights are often freezing even in the summer, so if you don’t have a snuggle partner, bring extra blankets. Finally, invest in some cooking utensils and camping stove so you can eat a home-cooked meal in the middle of the Norweigan country-side.

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