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What Should I Do If I Am Hit By a Car?

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We are often advised to be attentive while walking or cycling along the roads mainly because of the numerous potential dangers, which include reckless motorists. Even so, accidents can still happen to anyone. Being struck by a car is, without a doubt, scary and potentially detrimental to your health, more so if it’s a fatal accident. Therefore, as a pedestrian or cyclist, it is crucial how you should react in such a scenario. There are several immediate steps explaining what to do after you’re hit by a car.

  1. Collect the Driver’s Information

The moment the accident takes place, police will be on the way. This is the best time to collect the driver’s information: insurance information, driver’s licenses, phone contact, and license plate number. Sometimes this may not be entirely possible if the accident was a fatal one as you are advised against any movements. If you had some company, you can advise them to do this for you instead.
Use your phones to take pictures of everything potentially useful including: the traffic lights, the plates, the car, the street signs, and anything you can see. Not all photos will be useful, but some will be considered.

Seek Medical Attention ASAP

Following the accident, even when your body doesn’t feel any pain, make sure to seek medical attention immediately. In the hospital, you will be examined for any internal organs damage and possible bone fractures. This might be easy to miss, more so, if you are still in shock. Seeking medical attention immediately helps you in two ways: receiving treatment immediately and filing an insurance claim.

Talk To an Accident Lawyer

Contacting an accident lawyer, especially the pedestrian accident attorneys at Rutter Mills in Virginia, should also be among your top priorities. They have attorneys there who are specialized in pedestrian accidents. The attorneys will help craft a letter for you to send the insurance company. You have to account for what happened if the insurance company is to compensate you for the injuries sustained. Additionally, you may need money for physiological distress, among other damages. If you go through this alone, the insurance company will possibly offset your medical bills only. But with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney present, you are sure to get full compensation.

Start Your Insurance Claim

If you have the details of the car and its owner that hit you, the next step is to open a claim with his or her insurance company. When making a claim, don’t offer more than cursory information regarding the accident.

However, the insurance company would like you to provide them the full narrative: the whole incidence, filing a report, visiting a doctor, among other things. It is advisable not to disclose all the information until you have consulted your lawyer. The next step is to document all your expenses: receipt for taxis, medical bills, lost wages, and more. You will give these documents to the insurance company eventually.

When hit by a car, you should not go through the claim process alone. Therefore, you need a car accident lawyer who would handle your injury claims and compensation. However, if another person is hit, even if they are looking good, take it as a moral imperative and help the victim.

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