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What Should Civilians Know About a Tactical Training Class?

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The instability in the United States currently may have you wanting to learn more about self-defense. For example, there have been more people exploring gun ownership and even things like bulletproof body army.

There are also tactical training classes that you might be thinking about, and as a civilian, these classes may hold benefits.

The following are some things to know about tactical training, particularly as it pertains to civilians.

Understanding Tactical Training

Tactical training is something that goes well-beyond shooting or even self-defense. It builds muscle memory throughout your body and many people find that having tactical training helps them in sports and with their athletic performance.

It’s also training for your brain, and it teaches you what to do in stressful situations, even without having a firearm or weapon. Your brain moves from that freeze mode that can be part of our survival mechanisms, to a fight mode.

What we don’t hear that much about on the news is the fact that when there are active shooters, they are often stopped by civilians, and those civilians don’t always have a weapon.

In tactical training, the objectives are studying combat theory and also gaining the psychological stability needed to respond to different situations, along with the specific skills.

You might learn about weaponry, organizations, and different types of battles.

There are many civilian courses that take traditional elements of tactical training and make it more applicable to modern living and society, rather than the armed forces.

Some tactical training courses may also include things like karate and judo, how to recognize danger, and general survival techniques.

The Benefits of Tactical Training for Civilians

There are a lot of benefits of civilian tactical training that you might not have considered.

Awareness of Your Surroundings

No matter who you are, where you live, or what activities you do on a daily basis, it’s so important to have a sense of awareness about your surroundings. For example, if you regularly jog outside, having awareness about what’s going on around you is important.

With tactical training, you can learn how to read crowds, find exits, and even visualize an attack. These courses may also train you on how to find the tools that are right around you that you could use for protection if needed.

Physical and Mental Training

Tactical training classes are known as functional training, and you’re training both your mind and your body in the process.

When you take a tactical training course, there’s an emphasis on the physical work you should do to make yourself faster, stronger, and generally more agile.

To be comfortable working with your own bodyweight, you need to be able to do things like dropping and standing quickly. You might work on concepts like sprints or carrying something like a sandbag. It’s a type of functional fitness that has real implications in your daily life and it can be a good way to build a strong core.

You’re also training your mind by working to speed up your reaction times and control how your brain is responding to incredibly challenging situations.


Tactical training can help you build leadership skills, including in crisis situations. Those can then be applied to your career. You’ll start to learn how to be someone who’s willing to step up and take charge when others might not be able to.

You can become someone who’s willing to take responsibility across different situations.


Most of us wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to build more confidence in ourselves and our abilities, and this is yet another benefit that can come with tactical training.

You start to feel like you can take on challenges successfully, and then like the other skills you learn in this type of training, you can apply that sense of confidence to other parts of your life.

When you’re choosing a tactical training class, start with the fundamentals. Choose a class that meets your current abilities and level of experience, and then you can always build on to that as you progress. Don’t choose a course that’s going to put you in over your head.

If you’re a woman, you might want to opt for a women’sonly class, and many organizations offer these.

Tactical training is about a lot more than just learning to shoot. Tactical training can help you be a better leader, someone who’s more equipped to deal with difficult situations, and it can also help you be a better athlete.

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