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What are the best things to combine with weed? A jokester might say ‘more weed,’ and they wouldn’t be wrong. Why stop there, though?

Tokers rarely stray from pure marijuana flowers, but the list of smokable herbs is long and diverse. Many wonders of nature add deep flavor and delightful effects to your buds from the highest THC seeds.

Read on to discover the magic of mixing marijuana with herbs, complete with seven suggestions you can sprinkle on your joint.


Tokers add herbs to their blunts to:

  • Improve smoke flavor—aromatic flowers and herbs can enhance and deepen the bouquet of your blunt.
  • Reap therapeutic benefits—sleep-aiding and pain-relieving herbs double the physical pleasure of toking.
  • Reduce barriers to entry—some flowers inhibit THC activity; others reduce smoke harshness.

As a bonus, your weed stash might last longer if you’re not smoking pure joints!

The how is simple. Break apart or grind the dried herb, pair it with weed, and roll it up. Marijuana-herb ratios vary between smokables.

Tip: Always check the source of your herb before lighting up. If not grown for consumption, many flowers get exposed to hazardous chemicals.

If you’re ready to experiment, the next question is—what can you add to weed? Here are the top seven options to expand your smoking horizons.


Ratio: Up to 50%

Although problematic in reputation, tobacco is the world’s favorite smokable. It contains nicotine, a nootropic and stimulant that boosts your cognition, reaction time, and memory.

When fused with cannabis, this substance creates a stimulating combo; each plant amplifies the effects of the other. What’s more, tobacco makes marijuana burn more evenly.

Most stores sell dried, cured, and ground tobacco leaves for easy rolling. Grind your weed, add the leaves, and light up in minutes.


Ratio: Up to 10%

Rose is one of those aromatic herbs to mix with weed and negate the ganja smell. Dry petals emanate a sweet fragrance and temper the cannabis taste, making the experience gentle and beginner-friendly.

Crush petals by hand and sprinkle them over your favorite strain. Rose burns slowly, creating a soft, even cloud of smoke.

Besides amplifying the aroma, roses may supply therapeutic qualities to toking. Petals have long been used for their antioxidant properties and mildly aphrodisiac influence. They make the high comfortable and luxurious, especially with relaxing indica strains.


Ratio: Up to 15%

Skullcap’s name might be intimidating, but it’s 100% a mellow wellness booster. The perennial oozes cinnamon scents and adds a sugary, berry-like quality to the blunt.

The herb requires mincing, but it’s nothing an average grinder can’t handle. When fused with weed, the skullcap produces thick, creamy plumes.

The herb may improve your mood and potentially alleviate anxiety. Nighttime tokers enjoy the dreaminess of a skullcap high and its sleep-aiding effect. Go-getters find it encourages light and flowy movement.


Ratio: Up to 15%

Lavender is much-loved for its refreshing aroma and calming effects. It’s also the herb to mix with weed if you find buds too intense in isolation.

Lavender smoothens smoke, making it less harsh for your throat and lungs. The result is sugary-floral, masking potent cultivars’ earthy and skunky notes.

Rolling these tiny flowers is a simple affair. The lavender joint burns cleanly, delivering calming and sleep-supportive benefits. It’s the perfect fit for a sleepy indica strain; some find its soothing touch tames a strong sativa.


Ratio: Up to 25%

Chamomile is a favorite natural medicine. People use this flower as a remedy for sleep issues, anxiety, skin conditions, mouth sores, and gastrointestinal problems. You might reap these benefits by smoking it, too.

A chamomile-cannabis combination tastes as good as it feels. This plant has a light, fresh flavor to lighten the thick smoke. Its dried flowers burn slowly, so your joint doesn’t go out often.

These soothing traits pair perfectly with weeds’ energizing and relaxing effects. In either case, they deliver a feel-good experience.


Ratio: Up to 25%

Passionflower creates a sedative herbal mix for weed. It’s a popular addition for people with anxiety and first-time smokers dipping their toes in high-THC waters. Besides calming the system, its mood-regulating properties may heighten the weed-induced euphoria.

We can conclude another application from this plant’s name. People often use passionflower supplements as aphrodisiacs, making it particularly interesting for shared sessions.

This blossom is easy to break and roll. The flavor profile is earthy and tangy but not unpleasant, especially when paired with strong, sweet sativa.


Ratio: Up to 30%

Mullein is a medicinal plant used for clearing the respiratory tract. People often use it if they find pure cannabis too harsh on their throats.

Rolling these fluffy leaves takes finesse, but your lungs will thank you. The resulting taste is light and woody, with hints of cedar and pine. It doesn’t overpower the stronger terpenes; it only makes them milder.

The effects are calming, and much like the flavor, don’t change the fundamental traits of your choice strain. Instead, mullein acts as a sidekick for a pleasurable sensory experience.


Why not spice up your smoking sessions? There are countless ways to customize your blunt, from softening the flavors to amplifying the effects, all safe and 100% natural.

The final point of order—the best things to combine with weed are clean. So get the top herbal mixes from our store, buy seeds, grow organic marijuana at home, and experience nature’s best in one fantastic fusion.

Jennifer Gallagher

Jennifer Gallagher, an experienced cannabis grower at SeedSupreme Seedbank. During a 7-year career in the marijuana growing business, Jennifer has gained a high competence in this field. As far as weed is concerned, she knows it all inside out. Jennifer is an expert in pot-growing, as well as cannabis types and their effects. She’s also familiar with all legislation nuances.


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