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We Make Films; Yes, We Do! Local Filmmakers Make a Strong Showing at Area Film Festivals

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Forget Hollywood—the Rogue Valley, it seems, is an up-and-coming rival for the epicenter of filmmaking, and these local talents are ready to strut their stuff at area film festivals: the Jefferson State Flixx Festival (JSFF) September 21 – 25 and the Klamath Independent Film Festival (KIFF) September 30 – October 2—both of which are featured in this issue. Here is our complete local listing, and which festival to see the real deal at.


Matt Adkins/ Michael Bryant – Ashland
KIFF with filmmaker Q&A
1 hr. 5 min.
Becoming follows the Southern Oregon University Raiders football team from a chronic losing seasons to their national championship a couple years ago. All it took was a change in mindset from a new head coach. And some practice.


Biff and Buster go to the Races
Zachary Pearson – Ashland
1 min. 1 sec.
Brief, but a fun, animated tale about a kid named Biff and his outing with his imaginary friends to the racetrack.


Black Road
Gary/Anne Lundgren – Ashland
KIFF with filmmaker Q&A
1 hr. 21 min.
Fast-forward to the future of the mythical State of Jefferson in the year 2029. Dylan, with his AI implant Clyde, is left to wander after being kicked to the curb as a failed military experiment. He finds himself in the unique situation of saving a strange woman’s life, and unwittingly gets pulled into her dangerous world.


Breath in Three Verses
Kathy Roselli – Ashland
15 min.
A film focused on one of our most human impulses: breathing. Through sight and sound, music and observation, carefully crafted “verses” take us on a journey that reminds us to take a deep breath.

cookfreeordieCook Free or Die
Jared Hail – Medford
3 min. 42 sec.
Mike Hite and David Navarro have many things in common: from Oregon, lovers of metal music, bearded and tattooed, and they both are passionate chefs.



Dear Future Self
Ray Robinson – Medford
8 min. 35 sec.
Buried under a few feet of dirt and 50 years, a woman discovers a time capsule that she made, which held a recording to herself that sheds insightful light on her past and present self.


Bryn Lanning – Ashland
7 min. 51 sec.
Being in the hospital allows for ample time to think, and many different people to learn from. A terminally ill man’s story inspires another patient of the hospital to take that time to think about his life.


Aaron Moffatt – Ashland
KIFF with filmmaker Q&A
54 min.
To the tune of classic music, filmmaker and narrator Aaron Moffatt takes viewers through the unseen wonder of the Klamath-Siskiyou mountains, all the way to the Pacific. Including all the diversity of the seasons and wildlife, Klamath is a gorgeous reminder of all the beauty in our little corner of the world.


Life, Adjusted
Sean Nipper – Ashland
1 hr. 5 min.
Life, Adjusted is the touching story of a horse named Dizzy, who didn’t get her name from drunken escapades. Following severe abuse, she suffered from mental and physical trauma, which was only relieved by caring, patient chiropractic care. Dizzy gets her groove back, and learns to trust again.


loggers2Loggers: Earth’s Unsung Heroes
David Kirk West – Medford
10 min. 13 sec.
Logging isn’t all metal and machinery eating up the forest. The loggers who do the work to maintain the renewable resource of wood are featured in their natural habitat.



Lonely As God
Sasha Flamm – filmed in Happy Camp, CA
14 min.
A peek into the gold mining days of yesteryear through the stories of present day gold seekers in Northern California.


Love Affair with Square
Anja DuBois – Ashland
11 min.
A look at Southern Oregon’s forests and the city of Ashland, through the encumbering grids of maps and the freeing view of landscape.


Piers Dennis – Ashland
4 min. 12 sec.
The music video for local band Slow Corpse’s hit single, “Matches.”


Robot Love
Ross Williams – Talent
4 min.
Traveling from the future forward to the present, Robot Love tells the tale of a robot who appears to be chasing a woman with evil intent.


Alison Hoffman – Ashland
6 min. 55 sec.
The inspiring story of the birth of the Southern Oregon University Women’s Rugby team, and its impact on the players’ lives.


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  1. Ray Robison
    September 23, 2016 at 2:25 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the nice write-up Sara. Just wanted to let you know that I am the writer/director of Dear Future Self and my last name is Robison not Robinson. If you can correct this in the article great. If not, not biggy.

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