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Want a Dune Buggy? Here’s How to Get One

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Do you have a thing for dune buggies? Many people dream of owning one or just spending a few days trolling the desert in an open air, four-wheeled dune buggy. These odd-looking vehicles are ideal for climbing through giant mounds of sand, which is why they’re often called beach buggies. Whichever name you prefer, they’re fun to drive. Even better, you can have one of your very own without spending a fortune. Here are some of the ways to make your dune buggy dream a reality.

Build from Scratch

If you are mechanically inclined, you can build a dune buggy from scratch. There are dozens of specialist websites and online parts sellers. It’s best to source the engine locally. But, the main advantage of doing a from-scratch build is that you’ll not pay for labor and the final price can be quite low, generally what you’d pay for a lower cost used car. Consider paying a professional mechanic to seat the engine onto the frame you purchase. After that, your own skills should be enough to finish the job, provided you either own or are willing to rent a few tools. But once the motor is securely attached to the frame, you’re 80 percent done.

Research and Make the Purchase

Of course, the quickest way to become a dune buggy owner is to buy one that’s already in working condition. A smart way to get started is to review a helpful online guide about car classifieds, auctions, model comparisons, and all things vehicle-related at TireKickers, one of the best such resources.

Use a Kit

Another option for people with moderate to advanced skills is to buy a kit. You’ll still save a lot compared to an outright purchase of a new or used dune buggy, but a lot of the intricate mechanical work will be done for you. Kits are a fun way to construct the car of your dreams for about one-fourth what a new one would cost.

Join a Club

If you want to prepare yourself with educational resources before venturing into ownership, consider joining one of the many dune buggy clubs. If you live in a large city, chances are that you can attend events in person and get to know all about building, buying, and using dune buggies. If there’s no local club in your area, join an online one and interact with people who know all about this particular niche. Most clubs have a small membership fee to support activities and website maintenance. But joining can be the fastest way to learn all you need to know to build or buy your own sand conveyance.

Learn the Law

Don’t skip the boring part in learning about local specialty vehicle laws. It’s important to know when and where you can drive, whether they’re street legal where you live, what kinds of safety features are required, and more. Usually, you can find out all the pertinent info from your local DMV website. If the website isn’t informative, phone the department’s office and ask where you can get information about rules for dune buggy operation and ownership.

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