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Up and Coming Gallery: Galt Gallery in Ashland

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Credit: Campbell Baker

On clean white walls hang paintings of soft blue roses and thick oil squares on large canvases. And throughout the newly opened Galt Gallery, curator Campbell Baker arranges fine jewelry, ceramics, and sculptures. Galt Gallery in Ashland opened its doors to the public in February. The gallery is named after Baker’s father, who always supported her love and talent for art, as well as sending her through art school.

“Currently I am showcasing 10 different artists—painters, sculptors, a jade carver, jewelry maker, and a ceramist,” says Baker. Most of the artists span the west coast, reaching up to Vancouver. These artists’ work will be show in Galt Gallery in Ashland through April. Among the painters are Crystal Desai, Daniela Naomi Molnar, Mildred Jarrett, and Kelly Rae Daugherty. Jade carving is by Ryan Spangler and sculpting is by Sheree Kaslikowski.

“Art has been my passion for as long as I can remember; and this gallery is a manifestation of my experiences in the art world,” says Baker. “When I was in art school, training to become a painter I loved it—but something was never quite right. When I started working in a gallery in Santa Barbara all of the pieces seemed to click into place for me.”

Baker admits that her proclivity for painting shows in a having predominately paintings in her gallery, but that doesn’t mean she’s not open to other types of artwork. She says, “I am open to all mediums and styles of art—I want the gallery to be a place where artists can grow and experiment.”

What she really wants to create is a community of art-lovers who come back to her gallery. “I don’t want the gallery to just be an art retail shop,” she says, “I want it to be an experience—First Friday events, live performances, rotating art, giving it a sense of community. I don’t think I could really narrow it down to one meaning. I think art plays different roles throughout my life. There have been times when it has been a source of happiness, a great frustration, an escape, and everything in between.”

Baker invites artists and the public to share their own frustrations, escapes, and happiness with art at Galt Gallery.


Galt Gallery

11 am – 4 pm

40 N Main St, Ashland




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