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Unique Flower Combinations and Their Meanings

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Every single flower speaks its own language on its own, but did you know that the combination of more than one floral together can change or enhance its meaning? If you’re looking to impress your date, wow your parents, or deepen your relationship with your friends, try out these unique flower combinations that will express exactly how you’re feeling.

Lilacs and Spider Flowers

Lilacs are a deep, purple flower that symbolizes confidence, renewal, and young love’s innocence. In contrast, spider flowers are similarly purple (though sometimes pink) and are the national symbol of elopement. If you give a bouquet of flowers delivered directly from the Bouqs to your fiance, you’re telling them that you love them so much that you want to elope.

Red Roses, Carnations, and Orchids

While not unique flowers in any respect, when together, they create their own powerful meaning revolving around love and acceptance. Red roses represent eternal passion, while carnations are meant to convey fascination and distinction. Add some orchids for luxury and refinement to the mix, and you’ll tell your lover that they’re interesting, beautiful, and elegant.

Orange Blossoms and Holly

Holly isn’t a flower one would typically put in a bouquet, but the symbol for this berry will tell your spouse that you wish for domestic happiness. The orange blossom has a similar meaning, but its focus is on general fertility. If you place both of them together in a shallow bowl on your living room table, you’re telling your spouse that you want to shack up and have a baby.

Zinnia, Sunflowers, Chrysanthemums, and Alstroemeria

Your friends will love this combination because both the yellow sunflower and alstroemeria are associated with adoration, loyalty, devotion, and support. Adding the chrysanthemum will show joy, while the zinnia will give off the feeling of respect. With this bouquet, you can tell your most devoted friend that they’re an important part of your life and that they spark joy within you.

Oleanders and Daffodils

A word of caution: only give this bouquet to someone you dislike, because these flowers are only useful for cursing your enemies. The bulk of the arrangement should include pink oleanders as a representation of a warning, while a single daffodil is bad luck and should allude to impending doom. In a sense, you’re telling your enemies off in a passive-aggressive way.

Daisies and Lilies

White daisies and lilies are a representation of purity and innocence, which is the perfect bouquet for a niece, nephew, or your children to show that you care about them and wish only the best. Daisies also represent simplicity, while lilies are another way to express refinement, which is usually why these flowers are perfect for anyone you love platonically.

Yellow Chrysanthemums and Pink Hyacinths 

Pay attention to the flowers’ colors in this bouquet because if you switch them for another, they’ll lose their specific meaning. The pink in the hyacinths represents playfulness, while yellow chrysanthemums convey the person you’ve given them to is your secret admirer. Give these to your crush if you want them to keep your affair a secret for the time being.

Blue Hydrangeas and Gardenias

Flowers are also useful for conveying your condolences for someone going through a rough time, and this combination will show them that they’re in your thoughts. Gardenias represent hope and clarity, while hydrangeas speak on unity and togetherness. You’re telling the receiver that no matter what, you’ll come together as a family and work through these difficult times.


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