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UK Indie Pop – The Luxury of Being Human: Bring Summer Back

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From London comes this fun track about hanging on to the memories, and keeping the flow for just a bit longer. This easy groove from newcomer The Luxury of Being Human creates an atmosphere of wistful nostalgia, joining the uncomfortable feeling that time cannot be stopped with the beautiful notion that everything is fixable.

We are left to navigate between the poles of individuality and codependence, with a language that is rich in detail and affect as we reinvent the glorious moment that once was, a thousand times over. Beyond the lesson that we can’t always have what we want, we also learn that our hearts have a way of making the past perfect. With an understated electric guitar track and a delicious shuffle, this melodic indie rock banger is ready to inject some excitement into the summer of your dreams.

Take the freeway as it glides
It’s headed dead south bound
Harvesters in flood lights
In their pollen clouds

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