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Top video games that will inspire you to travel

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Most of us have wished to explore the vast world and experience its beauty at least once in our life. But only a few people are lucky enough to experience this adventure and visit different parts of the world. Due to various reasons like lack of time, family responsibilities, or financial constraints, many of us have to drop our desire of exploring and unveiling the secrets that our dream destinations hold. If you are one among these unfortunate person, why not satisfy your desire for travelling by exploring the virtual world of gaming?

If we look closely, traveling is very much similar to the open world of gaming. But the main difference is that in this virtual gaming world, you will be following a structured storyline whereas when you travel you will be weaving your own story and adventure that you want to experience. But with the advancement of technology, many video games with incredible graphics and background score are made that incorporates the elements of realism and spontaneity to the gaming universe, thus enhancing the experience of the players.

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You can follow this guide to find the coolest games which will help you explore the vast world on your bucket list. Even if you are not a travel enthusiast, these games will inspire you to travel and embark on a quest in your real life.

Red Dead Redemption 2

If you are looking for inspiration to travel, you have landed in the right place. Red Dead Redemption 2 with its amazing gaming world will take the players back to the American and Mexican Wild west and let them explore its vast beauty. One of the best parts of the game is that the players do not have to follow a single main plot, the game provides many branches and lets you explore the gaming world as you wish. This game has everything that you will encounter in an adventure- a bit of drama, action, spice, and suspense. So, play this multiplayer game and embark on a breath-taking journey through the valleys of the Wild West.


Have you wondered how it would feel when you are surrounded by a vast sea of dessert? Then play this Indie adventure game and explore the vast desert with a player-controlled robotic playable character. While traveling to the distant mountain, you will encounter other players. But you won’t be able to communicate with them through chats or dialogues. A musical chime that responds to every action is the only mode of communication.

The silence in the game along with the minimalism and the background music let the player catch the rhythm of the endless desert. Looking at the wide expanse of dessert, you will realize how small you are and how vast the world is, thus capturing the real rhythm of the desert. This game will surely inspire you to explore the dunes of Paoay or the mysterious desert landscape of Morocco.

The Sims 4

One of the best gaming worlds ever created in the history of gaming is unquestionably The Sims. With the myriads of opportunities to explore the jungle, outdoor retreat, and elements of magic, the Sims 4 have merged our real-life travel goals with our imagination. You can create Sims that resemble you or your style and explore the vast gaming world.  So, create your personalized sims, ready your backpack, and embark on a World Adventure.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Have you ever wished to taste the adventurous ancient Greek? Then, hope on to the gaming world of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and explore its rugged mountains, forest, and lakes. One of the biggest advantages of the game is that you can choose muscular and feminine characters and visit the recreation of perfectly crafted Greek cities that have captured the pulse, history, and culture of the ancient Greeks.

If you are a travel geek, then try these games to enjoy the spectacular sceneries and explore the myriads of adventure that you will experience on your journey.


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