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Top Tips for Spending More Time Outdoors

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Few things are as enjoyable as a nice walk around the block, a hike through the woods, or simply camping around a fire pit with some friends and family. In fact, spending time outdoors can lead to a much healthier lifestyle all around, both physically and mentally. Engaging in just 10 minutes of physical activity every day can help to improve mobility, boost mental health, and help you live longer. If you are looking for ideas of things you can do to get more time outdoors, here are a few suggestions.

The Easiest Things to Do

If you’re somebody pressed for time and need quick and easy lifestyle changes to get more time outdoors, consider walking places instead of driving. This isn’t always possible, but it can make a world of a difference as long as you’re able. The people who can benefit from this most are folks who live in the city or suburbs with plenty of nearby shops and friends.

If you live somewhere more rural, landscaping, gardening, and other yard work is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. Start with the simplest things you can do, even if it’s just mowing your lawn. For those who are really committed, you could switch from a riding lawn mower to a push mower. Other projects like weeding your flowers, planting vegetables, and watering them each day are also great ways to spend time outside. Gardening is so common in the states that $47.8 billion of lawn and garden retail expenses were reported by American gardeners. It’s a lot of work, but it can really pay off in the end. If you don’t have the time, energy, tools or expertise to maintain your lawn, consider letting the experts at TruGreen Lawn Oregon to take care of it for you.

Another easy way to spend time outdoors is by having dinners on your deck or patio when the weather permits. You could also build or buy a firepit. There’s nothing better than spending time outside sitting around a fire burner, enjoying the company of your friends or family. However, if you’re looking for something a little more active, just taking a walk around your block or down the street is a good way to disengage from the stress of the day while getting some exercise. Similarly, going to a local park or hiking trail is a great way to stay fit while also enjoying the beauty of nature.

Less Easy Things to Do

The reason these suggestions are “less easy” is because they require a little more money and dedication to be able to make possible. For example, boating is a predominantly middle-class activity, with 72% of boat owners having a household income of less than $100,000. For those who can invest in a boat, tubing or fishing is a fun way to get the whole family involved.

But you don’t need a boat to enjoy time outside near the water. Depending on where you live, a trip to the nearest lake or large body of water shouldn’t take too much out of your day. Even if you do have to travel, it can still be a worthwhile getaway. Pack your bathing suit, sunscreen, and beach towels and enjoy some time in the sun!

Similarly, camping is a fun way to spend time outdoors and it’s less dependent on income. This activity is considered more difficult because it involves a certain level of planning and experience. As long as you’re able to take some time off for a longer trip, you’ll be able to book a cabin, take the RV, or pitch your tent in your favorite campgrounds. As long as you pack your bug spray, spending time in the woods is a peaceful and enjoyable way to disconnect from the hubbub of daily life. Bring your friends and make an event out of it! Roasting marshmallows around the campfire at night will be that much better with friends to share the story with.

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate more outdoor time into your daily life. Spending time outdoors will be good for your health and it will be something fun to do, whether you’re doing it alone or grabbing a couple of friends. Rely on these tips to make the most out of the summer.

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