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Top Secrets To Winning The Claim Amount In Case Of Personal Injury Victims

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Being a victim of a car accident and accruing personal injuries can land you down in a devastating state. In some cases, it may also cripple you for life and even cost you a fortune for the treatment. Thus seeking an insurance claim at the hour of need is the only way to fight such a financial crunch. 

But making a claim and receiving the claimed amount is easier said than done; you may actually need to fight tooth and nail to accomplish the same. 

So here are a few secrets that you need to know as a personal injury victim while you file a claim:

An early claim is the key

Hunting the insurance company about the claim as soon as possible after the accident is a wise step to take. This way, the insurance company will get an idea that they will soon get a claim against the insurance policy one has purchased. 

Insurance companies can make attempts to settle such a personal injury case in an early phase to reduce down the exposure. And, in case you fall prey to such attempts and settle down to negotiate as per their terms, you may not get a fair value for the claim. 

So going by the words of attorneys, one should not settle down in such a personal injury claim until and unless you are pretty sure about your medical future.

Insurance companies may play the dodging game

While negotiating for a personal injury settlement, the insurance companies may always hunt for issues in the victim’s claim. They tend to do so to minimize the claim amount or give no claim at all. 

For example, for a victim who got treatment right away after an accident, the company may conclude that the treatment was too expensive and thus the total amount cannot be covered.

On the contrary, if a victim delays in getting treatment and later shows up on their medical bills, they may end up saying that the huge bill piled up due to the negligence of the victim to get the treatment at the right time. 

So no matter what you do, the insurance companies may always dodge the victim and find issues with their claim. So be prepared for all such types of arguments and consider hiring an attorney from Chiumento Law, PLLC, to gain control over your case. 

Social media can be dangerous at times

Check out your social media. Even the simplest of a post can be transformed as a weapon against your personal injury lawsuit by skilled attorneys. Hence be careful about what you post over social media because the defense team can attempt a sneak peek to your social media account to churn out your posts in such a way that it makes you look bad and guilty.

Serious injuries- a call to seek the services of a good lawyer

Sometimes the personal injury can be so severe that it can cause the victim’s death, yet the insurance companies may be seen hitting around the bushes. 

In such a case, you require an expert lawyer so that you can gain a deeper insight into the case and learn more about wrongful death claims. The earlier you hire them; the better will be the result. But ensure that you do your homework well before hiring them because expertise and experience matter a lot when it comes to handling such a case.


These are only some of the tips that you can follow in order to have a fighting chance of making a claim on an insurance company. If you need help in learning more about various insurance coverages or understanding what most of these cover, like sr22 insurance, for instance, there are trusted professionals you can always ask for help from!


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