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Top 7 Tips for the Best Smoothie

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Banana, strawberry, berry, fruit and vegetable: just thinking about these smoothies makes you dizzy. Even freshly squeezed juice beats this delicacy: smoothies retain the fiber and vitamins contained in the products without missing any of the beneficial components. It makes you as energized as playing at National Casino or having a great workout.

At first glance, it seems very easy to make a smoothie. But even such an easy-to-make drink has its own rules, forgetting about which, you can get a completely different result than you hoped for.

So, what should you keep in mind to make your drink not only healthy, but also the most delicious? Here are 7 simple tips.

The Right Blender

It’s better to use a stationary blender rather than an immersion blender to make smoothies. This way, you’ll achieve a more homogeneous texture in the finished drink. On the other hand, an immersion blender with a special attachment handles dry ingredients such as nuts or dried fruits better.

Despite these subtleties, the main criterion when choosing a blender should remain its power, and here the principle “more is better” works, especially if you prefer to add a lot of ice to your smoothies. We should not forget that, like any appliance in the kitchen, the blender requires special care: disassemble it before you wash it to prevent the accumulation of bacteria on the various parts of the device.

Bananas Are the Best Ingredient

For a smoothie that will not be too runny and has a nice, soft, creamy consistency, use natural thickeners. Any fruit with pulp, such as apricots or peaches, will do for this role, but bananas are the best: at any time of the year you are much more likely to buy delicious bananas than delicious peaches, which are less common on the shelves, and if they are, they are more often tasteless and dry.

Remember, any unripe or tasteless fruit will not add vitamins or sweetness to your smoothie. Also, bananas are the perfect natural sweetener and are also extremely nutritious.

No Sugar

Now we know that a banana can help make a smoothie sweet. But what about those who can’t stand the fruit? First, give up sugar. If you are making a smoothie on the basis of fruit, your mixture will already have a shocking dose of fructose, which is already caloric enough to add sucrose to it.

Most of the time you won’t need sweeteners, but if you want to make a real dessert, add some maple syrup or honey to your drink. If you’ve had too much sweetness, add lime or lemon juice to the smoothie: this will not only solve the problem, but will also give the smoothie a nice, rich sourness.

Milk Base

A good smoothie can always use milk, as it has calcium, protein, and B vitamins. To make a smoothie, choose the milk that you personally prefer: cow’s milk, almond milk, coconut milk, or nut milk. The latter will go best with smoothies of fruits and greens.

Not a fan of milk? Smoothies can be made on the basis of Greek yogurt and light cottage cheese. It all depends on how nourishing smoothie you want to get. Just remember to respect the proportions, which vary depending on the specific recipe.

Good Trivia

The best way to make a smoothie nutritious is to add to it foods that contain protein and healthy fats: ground nuts (the most popular for smoothies are almonds and walnuts), seeds, bran, oatmeal, chia or flax seeds. Can’t wake up in the morning? Try making a smoothie for breakfast based on ready-made iced coffee. Choose a combination that works for you and get your fill of energy for the day.

The Icing on the Cake

The icing on the cake for smoothies is the addition of herbs and spices to add flavor, aroma, and health benefits. Mint lovers will definitely enjoy an invigorating smoothie with grapefruit or pineapple. Chocolate and coffee smoothies will shine in new colors if you add a sprig of mint to them. A very interesting and original combination is a banana smoothie with basil. The banana makes the smoothie sweet and juicy while the basil makes the drink unusually fresh without making it too sugary.

Try making a smoothie with celery: this healthy fat-burning additive, which is also rich in a lot of vitamins, is a perfect match for carrots or apples. Ground cinnamon will perfectly complement a banana and berry or banana and pumpkin smoothie, and if you want to make something absolutely stunning, try making a coffee and banana smoothie with this spice.

Everything Is Good in Moderation

Even with perfectly matched ingredients, remember that nothing should be too much: do not add too much ice to your mix, so it does not turn out too liquid.

Don’t pour all the milk into the blender at once, add it little by little and watch the resulting consistency. Do not add only sweet or too “thick” fruits to your smoothie, but strike a balance and experiment: that way you will definitely find your ideal recipe and you can enjoy your favorite smoothie at least every day.


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