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Top 5 Exquisitely Beautiful Airbnb Rentals In Alaska For Your Dream Vacation

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Alaska may be far from the US mainland, but it is one of its most beautiful states. You should visit Alaska at least once when you get the chance. When you do, your best option for accommodation will be Airbnb rentals. 

Whether planning a weekend getaway or a two-week vacation, Airbnb rentals are the most cost-effective option. You should especially choose an Airbnb rental if you want a wild adventure in Alaska’s unique wilderness. You will find many beautiful rentals where you can have a great time whose memories you will cherish forever. 

The following are the top five exquisitely beautiful Airbnb rentals in Alaska for your dream vacation:

The Borealis Yurt

US air travel is currently chaotic, and trips to Alaska need proper planning and flexibility. You can check your Alaska Airlines flight status on iFly.com. Nothing says an Alaska vacation like staying in a classic yurt. The Borealis Yurt is located just outside Fairbanks and will provide the necessary seclusion as you enjoy the Northern Lights and the stars from atop a hill. 

The yurt can house up to six people for a minimum of two days. It has a private deck that includes a grill where you can cook your food. It also has an outdoor fire pit to warm you and a hot tub you can share with your visitors. The beautifully furnished interior includes a fully stocked kitchen and two private bedrooms.

The Fisherman’s Cabin

The Fisherman’s Cabin is located near Montana Creek and half a mile away from the Yoder Mountain Trail. The cabin is surrounded by beautiful woodland, which you will enjoy and marvel at while on your dream Alaska vacation. 

The owners built the cabin from scratch, and, despite its simplicity, it offers all the basic amenities you will need. The Fisherman’s Cabin is an excellent choice if you seek respite from the busy city life. You can take a road trip or fly to Alaska and enjoy Peter’s cabin.

Borealis Basecamp

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping under the Northern Lights in a top-less Igloee where you can marvel at the natural wonder all night? You will get that experience at Borealis Basecamp. 

The base camp is located about an hour from Fairbanks on an extensive tract of private land. Each igloo at the base camp can hold two people for a minimum of two nights. Borealis Basecamp provides a secluded getaway where you can enjoy luxurious dwellings in a wild area. 

You can rent snowmobiles and snowshoes to enjoy the local trail network. You can also go on a dog sledding adventure, making your vacation an authentic Alaskan experience.

Mini Barn Near Chena River

You may swiftly dismiss the mini barn near Chena River in Alaska, but it is one of the best Airbnb rentals in the state. It is surrounded by enticing colors in the spring, but the cabin’s surroundings truly come alive in Winter. When everything is covered by white snow, the cabin appears like a magical portal into a fantasy land. 

Only three people can fit in the barn as it is small, but it offers a very intimate experience. It would be best if you toured the cabin’s surroundings to enjoy the great Alaskan wilderness.

The Rockwell Lighthouse

Many people dream of staying in a lighthouse, and you can do so in Alaska. The remodeled Rockwell Lighthouse is an active-duty lighthouse that can house six for a minimum of two nights. 

It is a four-storey architectural masterpiece with incredible interior design. You get a great view of the islands surrounding Sitka, Alaska, from the lighthouse’s perch. You will be close to the water, so you can kayak and fish anytime. 

If you have never been to Alaska, you should go there, preferably for a vacation where you can take the time to enjoy the beautiful state. It would be best if you choose a suitable Airbnb; the ones above are the best of the lot. Choose a destination in Alaska and search for the above Airbnbs that are available.


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