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Timeless Style: Whitney Rose’s Classic, Doo-Wop-Influenced Take on Country is Fine Distilled Nostalgia

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Country isn’t exactly a genre short on nostalgia. But there’s still something extra special about the classic ‘60s sound; somber ballads by siren-voiced engenues with surfy guitars and dreamy vibes. And that’s exactly what you get with Whitney Rose, the Canadian by way of Texas singer that will be performing at Talent Club on Sat., February 24. Her music sounds like the pop majesty of Phil Spector produced girl vocal groups, paired with the stripped-down, twangy sincerity of early Dolly Parton. You’d have to literally dip her records in a vat of nostalgia to get any more in the mix. She even says it outright in the song, “Analog,” demanding the warm needle of a high-fi over those digital remasters the kids are always going on about.

Rose took the time to preview the performance by answering a few questions for The Messenger.


RVM: What drew you to your sound. Was it a deliberate choice or something that arose naturally?

WR:  I guess my “sound” is the direct result of a lifetime of listening to and loving both classic country and doo-wop. When I started writing my own tunes both of those influences found their way into my material. So I guess you can say it arose naturally.

RVM: Are there unique challenges that come with your genre?

WR: It’s kind of an oddball, and there isn’t really room for oddball music in the mainstream so I guess that could be regarded as a challenge. I kind of like it though because it makes for a very devoted fanbase. People who like my music are true music lovers who seek out new music on their own and don’t just accept what is being played on mainstream radio as the only new music available. It’s a beautiful thing!

RVM: You earn frequent comparisons to country’s classic sound. Where do you feel a sound like yours fits into the contemporary music world? Or does it?

WR:  I think my answer above covers that.

RVM: What do you feel is the best environment to experience your music?

WR:  Nothing beats a good ol’ honky tonk.

RVM: Have you played Southern Oregon before? Any expectations?

WR:  I LOVE Oregon and I can’t wait to get back there and get high legally. Also a beautiful thing!

RVM: What’s on the radar for you?

WR: After this west coast run I have a few weeks back home in Austin before the guys and I head overseas for two months. That’s a long time with weird electrical outlets but we love Europe and are looking forward to it a lot.


Whitney Rose

8 pm, Sat., February 24

Talent Club, 114 Talent Ave., Talent


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