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This Weekend: Wild Fire Relief Concert (virtual and live)

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This weekend (as in Friday – Sun, October 9-11), a cleverly curated series of streaming concerts are being hosted locally, to bring some local relief to those impacted by Jackson County wildfires. Performed in eight venues around the region, 22 musical performances.

Follow on the Wild Relief Facebook page, donate, purchase tickets.

(A partial list of performances)

Friday, 7 pm, Grizzly Peak Winery, John Dough Boys: A triple threat team fusing bluegrass and punk, the John Dough Boys don’t leave their fate up to chance; they make their own destiny with banjo, upright bass, guitar, and washboard in fist. They started as a duo from New York, the John Doe Duo, and once they rounded out their band family with bluegrass band Ol’ Mount’n Due, they truly found themselves and their unique sound. Sara Jane Wiltermood

Friday, Home Studio, Cornflower: If I were to look up “positive vibes” in the dictionary, Cornflower (a one-man band)’s picture would be there. His improvised all voice-as-instrument complex track “You Are Loved” would be enough to have Bobby McFerrin himself blush, smile, give a nod of appreciation, and then want to jam alongside him. Alan Armstrong

Saturday, 1 pm, The Armory Lounge, Hannah Cooper: A jazzy take on folk, indie artist Hannah Cooper takes what may seem like a lazy genre very seriously. Progressing from her first album “A Time for Truth” to her 2019 release “I’m Right Here,” Cooper transitions easily between piano and guitar from song to song and her stories come to life straight out of the speakers. SJW

Saturday, 2 pm, The Black Sheep, Fellow Pynins: This contemporary folk duo has a streamlined, gentile bluegrass sound. On tracks such as “Chaunti Sea” and “Kings and Queens,” they offer sentimental, easy listening comfort. I’m amazed at how effortlessly they pluck out those quick tempo harmonies on either mandolin, banjo, or guitar. AA

Sunday, Noon, Live at the Armory, Brothers Reed: Featured on the cover and in the tracks of the Messenger’s own Local CD Compilation last year, the Brothers Reed are yes, literally brothers, but also brothers in the realm of music. Their take on contemporary folk music invites every listener into the family, and while their formerly vigorous touring schedule of nearly 300 shows per year has been amended in recent months, they continue to appear on stage here and there. SJW

Sunday, Home Studio, 6 pm,  Alice Di Micele: Hailing from Medford, Alice Di Micele has been serving up her organic acoustic tunes for more than three decades. In March of this year, in response to the pandemic, she presented a virtual concert entitled “Live From My Living Room,” in which she played more than an hour’s worth of beautiful soul-inspired folk songs. AA

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