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This Place: The Oregon Coast is a Place Like No Other

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thisplaceDo you love the Oregon Coast? Those who know its wild and rugged edges would have a hard time saying “no”, and they’ll appreciate the short film This Place, which quietly and gently attempts to capture the natural and cultural beauty of the Oregon Coast. 

I say “attempts” because as one who grew up on the southern Oregon Coast, I get a bit prickly when people get in a van in Portland, hit the 101, drive down as far as Newport and say they’ve seen it all. This Place, which was produced by a team of media marketers from what coast-dwellers call “The Valley”, always seems on the verge of holding weight but can’t speak louder than its white-noise soundscape. Maybe if the producers had traveled farther south, they would have captured more footage of decaying lumber mills and the crumbling highway that constantly threatens to fall into the sea—the Oregon Coast I know, weathered but enduring. 

But I’m glad no Valley creatives in a retro van have offloaded in Port Orford or Smith River toting video cameras (yet). Our buildings may not be falling apart as charmingly as the tourist-ready structures featured in This Place, but it belongs to those who live there, not to those who would seek to turn it into clickbait for an advertising firm. 

Watch This Place (which you can see and interact with at ThisPlaceJournal.com) for dreamy footage of sand, surf, pretty girls and rosy-cheeked fishermen. Walk away inspired to see the Oregon Coast—the whole thing or any small part of it—first hand, but leave the cameras at home. The rain and wind will just destroy them, and you’ll get a better picture in the simple format of memory. 


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