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Things You Can Do with a Blacklisted iPhone

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You have bought a very cheap iPhone but later found that it was blacklisted. The phone couldn’t get a signal, but there are no issues with the hardware. Although this sounds bad, there are lots of solutions available. When the network provider is blacklisting the phone, this means that it was reported stolen or lost. Can you still make a blacklisted iPhone as good as new? Read on and find out more!

Request a refund

If you were disappointed to find out that your iPhone was blacklisted, you would certainly feel dissatisfied with your purchase. In this case, you can request a refund. Check the conditions for a refund and follow the process as stated by the seller. If you purchased your phone through eBay, ask for a refund from your seller according to the site’s procedures. 

Use it for gaming

When you can’t use your phone for calls, it can become your favorite gaming console. You won’t get disturbed by phone calls, so you can enjoy the entertainment experience for hours. If you aren’t a gamer, consider using your phone to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

IMEI whitelisting

If you want to know how to unlock your iPhone, here is a smart trick that you can check. Use a blacklist removal service to fix the bad IMEI. The IMEI whitelisting process will allow you to fix the phone with a remote service from the comfort of your own home. Keep in mind that you can use this service for other devices such as your iPad.

Change the logic board

iPhones are usually blacklisted in the country of the specific service provider, so, likely, your phone isn’t blacklisted in other countries. What does this mean? For example, your iPhone is blacklisted in the US. If you travel to Australia, your phone will work fine with the local networks. If you have an older version up to iPhone 4, you can easily change the baseband and CPU chips. 

However, don’t do this if you have one of the newer versions of iPhones. For more recent models, you can change the logic board. Or swap the phone with a person from another country. 

Sell to foreigners

Having a blacklisted phone doesn’t have to upset you. Keep in mind that there is still a market for it. The USA is visited by millions of foreigners every year, so this is an excellent opportunity for you. Whether they are tourists or students, they will undoubtedly go back to their home countries. When your iPhone is officially unlocked, you can sell it to them for a reasonable price. Since the blacklisting is localized in the provider’s country, the phone will work fine in another country. It is a win-win situation for everyone, as they get an excellent deal, and you can get rid of your blacklisted iPhone. Besides, make sure that you are honest. Let them know that the phone is blacklisted, but it will work fine in their country.

Sell spare parts

If your journey hasn’t had the desired outcome, don’t get frustrated. There are still ways to get your money back, as many will try to sell the parts separately. We know that iPhone parts aren’t that cheap, so you can sell the screen, back casing, logic board, and dock connector. You will get money, but also help someone that struggles with their broken phone

Sell it on eBay

Selling your phone abroad via eBay is another good option. As we already mentioned, blacklist iPhones will work well in other countries. However, make sure that you are an honest seller and communicate about this issue upfront. Ensure that the person is familiar with the blacklisting, and offer an excellent price to make it more competitive on the online market. If you fail to do so, you risk dealing with a dispute. This can make you lose, even more, so don’t risk it. 

Find the owner

Some iPhones will have the owner’s number on the screen, so you might want to try your luck and find the owner. They might show their gratitude and reward you with cash. Alternatively, you can contact the authorities or the provider for assistance. 

Final words

While you might feel mad about your recent purchase, this article helped you find a way to use the phone or return your hard-earned money. As long as the iPhone is unlocked, you can get an excellent price. These tips explained the best things to do with a blacklisted iPhone, so pick the one that you find best for the current situation. 


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