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There is Better Testing for Cardiovascular Disease

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Red, White and Blue: a Preventable American Killer

danielsmith2As you purchase hot dogs and ice cream for your upcoming Fourth of July barbeque: consider. Cardiovascular disease claims more lives each year than cancer, chronic respiratory disease and accidents combined. It remains the leading cause of death in the United States despite current guideline driven care and good therapeutic efforts. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main problems has to do with the insufficiency of conventional blood tests used to screen for cardiovascular disease.

Conventional medicine relies on standard blood tests, along with a proper history and physical exam, in order to substantiate the need for a particular medication that will hopefully be paid for by insurance. In other words, the need for the blood test is commonly insurance driven. To that end, testing fails abysmally at looking for the cause of any cardiovascular imbalance. Without causal information, an individualized, holistic treatment plan that truly has the power to restore health cannot be created.  Click here to continue reading…

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