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Theatrical Anticipation by Maddy Oldread (age 10)

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An Honorable Mention to “Theatrical Anticipation” by Maddy Oldread. I think she did a wonderful job of describing Jessica’s fears and worries and then leaving us hanging wondering what the letter said.  – Karen Polsgrove


She turned the envelope over in her hands. She had waited so long for this letter, but now she wasn’t sure she could bring herself to open it. After auditioning earlier that month, Jessica had been tossing and turning in bed wondering if she had done a well enough performance to impress the stubborn and impatient judges. Could this be it? Could she have
actually put together an impressive enough scene to get the lead role in the play, or could she have put together a bad enough piece that would end her dream career of acting at the age of only thirteen? Not only was she thinking of how much anticipation was going through her body at that moment, but also thinking of her fate depended upon it. There was so much cacophony going on in her brain that she didn’t hear her irritating little brother asking her impatiently if she was going to open it or not. She was so nervous that she couldn’t even answer him. Thoughts were racing through her mind, like all of them were trying to get to the finish line. One thought wanted to tear the envelope up and just read it, but then that thought fell behind and another one came in its place.

The next day she still didn’t have the courage to open the wax sealed envelope sitting on her bed rest. Her anticipation was growing my the minute now, and her thoughts were as fast as a cheetah. She felt like she was going crazy. At the end of the day she couldn’t take it anymore. She slowly tore the seal open. She opened the card. Then…

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