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The top Instagram trends for 2021

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Top Instagram trends for 2021 promise us a big year for this social network. Introduction of IGTV, new features such as live video, interactive ad options helped brands easily engage with their audiences. Instagram is also focused on assisting users in finding relevant content through an algorithm system that suggests posts based on their points of interest and past interaction. Some new changes are arriving – who knows what else we will see soon! Social media is a potent tool for promoting brands, businesses, and individuals, especially with so many growth services like Growthoid available, and with so many platforms available, it can be hard to follow all the latest trends. It can be even more difficult when you are trying to understand what will have the best effect on your business or personal brand. If you want to know which trends are going to be most popular in 2021, here are a few to stay in the loop.

The use of Stories and Reels

Instagram is a visual platform, and photos were what people uploaded primarily. But, this social network has evolved. Instagram Stories was launched in 2016, and it has quickly reached high popularity among Instagram influencers. A significant percentage of users post stories, 86% of them, while 90% of influencers publish their content in this form. Businesses also use stories for various purposes, polls, emoji sliders, stickers, and much more to activate their followers and encourage them to engage. Profiles with more than 10,000 followers have the “Swipe up” feature that allows them to add specific links to their stories. Instagram Reels is the most recent feature on this social platform, and it has quickly conquered the Instagram world. Users create fun, fast, and engaging videos, which they can enhance with many Instagram filters, text overlays, and much more.

Influencer’s investments

Individuals were the primary users of Instagram. But with the rise of its popularity, companies have realized that it has powerful marketing potential. Nowadays, about 37.4 million businesses are promoted on this platform, mainly using Instagram Stories ads. Interestingly, more people are searching companies on Instagram rather than on Google. And this trend is likely to continue to grow in favor of this social network. Businesses focus on visual storytelling by sharing content on their feed, Story, and Reels. This helps users understand what the company does, learn more about it, and even see what happens behind curtains, which gives it a more personal touch. Instagram influencers are also useful for brands since they can promote them to a large audience, which enthusiastically follows their opinions and choices.

Will be the most popular social media app

Among all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, this year Instagram will still be most popular. The numbers are impressive and are expected to rise even further, thanks to excellent features that Instagram has recently added. Currently, it has 800 million monthly active users and 500 million users that are active daily. The average user spends almost one hour daily on Instagram. All this means that businesses and brands have a big pool of potential customers who spend a lot of daily time on the network where they are promoted. And with more time spent, they are more likely to spend their money on products and services these businesses advertise. This proves that Instagram is an excellent marketing platform.

More hashtags

There are many ways to target an audience on Instagram, but one of the most popular is using hashtags. On average, eleven hashtags are used per post, although some use even more. Originally, hashtags served to promote big world events and activities, connecting people interested in those subjects. However, through time, brands have seen them as a powerful marketing tool, and so should you, as they are a great way to get followers for your Instagram account. With proper hashtags, content that businesses share can reach their targeted audience, increase engagement and attract more people that are in their niche. Since there are around 95 million photos posted daily on Instagram, hashtags serve as a solid filter to give their users content that they are interested in while allowing businesses to be easily found by their potential customers.

The greatness of Instagram lies in the fact that it connects visual beauty with usefulness. Users watch high-quality, exciting, and enjoyable content, spending more and more time on this social network. Instagram has pulled some great moves in recent years, making it more popular than ever and highly competitive to the world’s strongest social media networks.



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