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Illinois Valley Comes Alive With Dead Folks for Z Day 5k

In the world of zombie films, there is a major divide between slow, shuffling George Romero-style zombies, and Usain Bolt-like undead sprinters Danny Boyle pioneered for 28 Days Later.

As weird as this may sound on the surface, let’s hope that it’s the former that invade the Kerbyville Natural Farms on August 8.

zombierunThe reason why is that the public is invited to run from them for the Z Day 5k zombie fun run, and when being chased by zombies, most people prefer they’re slow.

The race will be a 5k mud run through an obstacle course where participants wear two flags (like in flag football) and try to survive the course with both flags intact. This run is at night in order to avoid the brutal summer heat and pump up the scare factor.

Participants can also join the event as zombies, so long as they’re 18 or older, and can even get professional makeup done on-site for a few extra bucks. The zombie that collects the most flags will win a prize. Will it be brains? Time will tell.

The Z Day 5k was envisioned by event promoter Krystal Hulsey, who was inspired by the idea of having an event in the Illinois Valley that would be fun, healthy and family-oriented, in an undead sort of way.

“We wanted to promote a healthy event that would include healthy eating, exercising and could be enjoyed by the whole family,” she says, using the term “whole family,” to include gothy teens for the first time in history.

While one may not always associate zombies with health, the setting of the Kerbyville Natural Farm should overcome that. Natural obstacles include the hills and embankments, but the man-made obstacles will be the most innovative. These include hurdles, a plastic culvert that the participants must crawl through, and a man-made hill that runners will have to climb up. Once on top of the hill they will have to slide down into a pit of mud. (Or is it blood?) In addition to being scary, the course is scenic, since it abuts the Illinois River. Even though the event involves zombies and (fake) blood, the promoters are specifying that the event is family-oriented, and that it is appropriate and do-able for kids eight and older.

To register visit www.raceentry.com/races/zday-5k/2015/register or show up early to register the same day.

Z Day 5k
7pm, Sat., August 8
Kerbyville Natural Farms, 23790 Redwood Hwy., Kerby,
$10 for ages 15 and under, $25 for 16 and older, Teams of 2 for $45 and teams of 4 for $80.
Makeup: $10

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