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The Best Sports to Bet on for New Bettors

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The online sports betting industry has opened a world of possibilities for avid sports betting fans around the globe to participate in any of their favored sports. From cricket and rugby to boxing, football, basketball, and tennis, the options are endless, and some sports are way more lucrative to bet on than others. It can, however, be a bit daunting, especially for newbies, to know where to wager your money, but choosing the right sport can add value to the experience in terms of both enjoyment and finances. This is the precise reason why sites exist to help new bettors make the best decision. Kyle Covers best picks to make the process of learning easier for new bettors. Bear in mind that it is imperative to research and understand the strategy as well as the basics around betting before you dive into something that may leave you in tears but in this article, we’re taking a look at some of the best sports that beginners can bet on.


American football is not football as the world knows it, but is a little more similar to rugby. It offers everything that fans could ask for and more; depth, strategy, and of course action that has you sitting on the edge of your seat. Teams often know each other and share a history, and the sport offers a betting experience like no other. The highlight of every season is the Superbowl, which is one of the biggest events in the world that has punters going crazy. The sport offers a variety of betting markets with quality odds that include options such as draft specials, over and under points, and of course, a Superbowl winner. The sport, however, still has not achieved the promotional cover that it deserves across the continents, making it far more popular in the US than globally.


There is a reason that football has always been a favorite in the sports betting world and that is simply because of the love of the game. Soccer is a sport that has both captured the hearts of and united fans globally for decades, making it one of the most easily understood sports. Soccer betting is globally available because of its worldwide coverage and offers the most competitive odds with a wide variety of wagering options from straight wins to first goalscorer and double chance.

Horse racing

Horse race betting has been around for as long as we can remember and is one of the most popular sports in the world. Live coverage of horse races adds to the excitement, and a large number of competitors require a little more strategy and research before being able to place their bets. The sport, however, does offer a wide range of markets to make the most of these opportunities, with an equally wide range of bets that include options like wins, places, and forecasts.


Tennis has fast become a favorite because of the simplicity of the game that is narrowed down to a straightforward match. The game often comprises one-on-one or two-on-two matches (or doubles). As easy as the game is to understand, however, betting options are broad, with punters having the choice to bet on games, sets, matches, or even points. Because big tournaments often have mismatched players, the deal is further sweetened by offering handicap betting.


Boxing is a unique sport that can be rather technical but is generally straightforward in terms of its match arrangements generally being one-on-one. Although a popular sports betting option, it is important to remember that money rides mainly on the major boxing events, not the smaller ones. Boxing offers huge betting events that may not be promoted as well as other sports, but major events create opportunities for well-publicized dedicated promotions. It has a unique set of rules and the wager options include round-robin betting.

There is a range of factors that go into making these sports the best to bet on. While strategy is extremely important, considering things like availability, how widely the sport is covered, its research material, and market betting varieties, are without doubt factors that affect the odds, and this ultimately is what bookmakers look at. Favorable sports betting options depend largely on how the opportunity is promoted, so familiarizing yourself with promotions is central to getting a little more bang for your buck.


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