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The Beginner’s Guide to Winter Running 

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A keen runner shouldn’t be discouraged to head out for his regular run even when the temperatures fall below zero. As the cold, long and dark winter months are approaching it should be every active runner’s top priority to gear up adequately and go for his or her regular run no matter the severe weather conditions. Warm clothes, firm attitude, goodwill, and dedication is what you ought to get perked up with. And for all the rest that a novice winter runner might require is in the following guide: 

Layer up wisely

When you plan to continue with your regular run during winter months, the key is to prepare the right clothing and layer up with the right materials. You don’t need to put on layers and layers of bulky clothes, as they will only sweat more. The best thing to do is layer up with clothes that wick away moisture and on top layer have a jacket that blocks the wind. It’s even better to feel more chilly when you step out from your comfy home to go running then to overdress and feel cramped and sweaty. By wearing too many clothes you can overheat yourself and catch pneumonia or some other disease. 

Warm-up adequately

Winter weather conditions can leave any pro runner discouraged, but with the right motivation and effective warm-up techniques, nothing will impede your run. The freezing, dry air can cause dehydration and muscle tend to clinch due to cold so make sure that you carry a bottle of water at all times and warm-up. Do warm-up exercises thoroughly prior to your run. Do a few jumping jacks, mountain climbers or just run in place to get your body prepared for the upcoming task. If you have insulated your body with a protective jacket and have put on sweat-wicking clothing, warming up will give you the necessary boost needed when you step out on cold air. 

Stay insulated

Winter months can be rather unpredictable. You might experience an idyllic run on chilly days, as well as have tough and unbearable runs during bone-freezing days. For those utterly cold winter days consider wearing a fleece-mid layered jacket or a waterproof jacket to stay insulated. A hat, gloves, tights and quality running shoes are a must as well. Avoid cotton materials as they don’t wick off sweat and you could easily suffer from hypothermia. Cold air can make breathing difficult so besides good insulation keep a steady tempo. 

Run cautiously

Safety is a vital factor when you are about to run on a cold winter day. Mornings and evenings are usually wet, slippery and dark. If you cannot run during lunchtime, the sunniest and hottest part of a winter day, then you should wear reflective gear. This will enable the passing cars to see you from a distance. Another safety tip is to bring a flashlight or have one attached on your hat or used as a headband light. Roads can be slippery during winter look for shoes with ample cushioning that reduces friction. 

Protect your feet

Clothes will keep you warm and safe but waterproof shoes will prevent soggy socks and enable you to run through tough terrains like frozen mud and snowy, water-beaten trails. Snow can turn to slush, and not to penetrate the running shoe you must pick shoes that can withstand rain, snow, and sludge. There are even some shoes that come with integrated knit sock and ankle protection for extra care.

There are no barriers to what a human is capable of. Running in winter is yet another challenge for a keen runner which can easily be achieved by following these tips.








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