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The 3 Best Ways To Make Your Lab More Efficient

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Many businesses suffer from productivity issues. It doesn’t matter if it’s a construction company or a medical lab. There is always room to make things more efficient and more productive as a result.

Medical labs are notorious for having systems that need to be updated to make them more efficient. People are simply used to waiting times for results because they know that there are usually bottlenecks that slow things down. It benefits everybody if your lab can solve these productivity problems and get faster results. In this article, we will go over some of the ways to boost productivity and become a more efficient laboratory.

1. Upgrade your equipment

Your lab is likely seeing bottlenecks because of outdated and slow equipment. It may also be that you simply don’t have enough equipment. This means that it’s time to do an audit of the actual equipment and machinery that does the testing and look for areas where you can make improvements.

Slow equipment is costing money so the faster the results come out the more testing can be done. Taking a loan to buy this equipment is the best bet and it will pay for itself in no time once you are getting more testing done.

Supplementing what you already have is also a good idea. If your equipment is up to date and there is little room for improvement on an individual basis, then adding more equipment is likely the answer. There are recent advances in things like blood testing equipment that makes devices that are smaller and faster. There’s always room for a small testing device like Pathfast that can pick up the slack when you have a higher testing load than normal.

2. Focus on training

Things change very quickly in the medical field so your staff needs to be constantly trained to be able to use the latest equipment efficiently. There are also lots of processes that should change which means asking employees to change how they operate regularly.

This can only be done when you have a very robust training system and schedule. Training should be a regular part of the operation of your lab that employees expect to happen on a regular basis. When they are ready to pivot and do something differently then your lab will always be productive and efficient.

3. Use software

There is software that is designed specifically for certain industries. Using it will work to solve a lot of the common problems that a certain industry faces. Medical labs can gain a lot by using software that works specifically for the medical device industry.

Managing and tracking inventory is likely to cause a lot of headaches so software that will do this easily and regularly is going to free up a lot of time and resources. There are also software suites that have electronic lab notebooks that work in conjunction that will keep everything in one place and accessible to the entire team.

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