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DON’T SMOKE THE MESSENGER: The 2019 Oregon Growers Cup

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Filling the Social Consumption Void for the 5th Year Running

Have you ever dreamed of an event where great music is playing, people everywhere are getting high together and a young stoner in a Santa suit is passing out endless goodies from a bag filled with cannabis? Sounds like a dream, right? That event just happened about an hour away from Medford.  

But was this just a big weed party? Yes . . . but no, not at all. This was a serious cannabis contest. I know because they—possibly unwittingly—honored me with a seat on the judging panel for over 275 entries from the best growers, extractors and product-makers in the world. 

Now that you have my credentials as a witness (to the event and the entries), please believe me when I say tell you that you will kick yourself if you miss next year’s Oregon Growers Cup. Held in Riddle, near Canyonville’s 7-Feathers Casino, this is by far the best legal access the average stoner can get to the best craft cannabis from across the state of Oregon . . . for cheap!

Those samples being passed out by Canna-Santa to the general admission attendees are often from the very growers that enter or win the competition. And those same companies are there for the event, “sharing the love” so to speak and showing off their wares to their fans. 

This year it was only $40 to become an annual member of the private organization that puts on the event where competition winners include growing legends like Decibel Farms, Benson Abor, Midnight Trich Farm, Brave Heart Private Reserve, Dog House. The list goes on. I mean, what an experience. I got to smoke weed with some of my heros–and they grew it. 

What’s more, for fifty lucky people, $100 scored a ticket to judge the “People’s Choice” award, and actually imbibe in the judging experience. 

From the “Growmaster” (won by No-Till Army & Alter Farms this year) in which all growers receive clones from the same exact plant in June–to the hashmakers and processors—think Stoney Acres, Portland Extracts, Green Queen Farms & Artifact Extracts—taking the cannabis after it’s grown and turning it into the best cannabis products in the world. There were even categories like topicals, 1:1 (CBD:THC) Flower and Hemp Flower! 

And, for the fifth year running at Oregon’s oldest cup, it was all done through blind judging! No farm names. No strain names. No hints. No buying wins. Just legit, old school judging. The way we used to buy weed.  

I can’t imagine a better way to experience the full spectrum of what Oregon’s cannabis community has to offer all wrapped up in an incredible local event. While social consumption is still a huge elephant in the room when it comes to the legalization of cannabis in Oregon, events like the Oregon Growers Cup are filling the void that lawmakers and legislators have left open in order to provide the people a chance to gather and celebrate over something we believe in. 

Check out www.OregonGrowersCup.com to see a full list of competition winners and stay tuned to the Local Smoke Radio podcast to hear exclusive interviews with winners and more!

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