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Teaching Your Kids to Balance Between the Environment and Modern World

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It’s important for the coming generations to understand the best ways to live sustainably while they still enjoy modern conveniences. With this in mind, here’s an outline of how you can teach them to balance between the modern world and the environment outdoors.

Introduce the Environment to Your Trivia Night

For growing children, you can be sure that their curious minds are ready to absorb a lot of information. As such, you may already have trivia nights for fun and a productive way to pass the time. This presents an amazing opportunity to have your children gather more helpful information about the environment. When packaged into a competitive event, they may remember the information for a long time to come.

Search for environmental trivia packs or decks or even just look for age-appropriate questions online. You can print these out or, for better sustainability, simply use them on the device you searched for them on. You could come across not only questions but definitions as well, and this variety should be welcome. For example, there may be small bits of general information, such as that the definition of excavation by OSHA is that it is any man-made trench, cavity, depression, or cut made on the surface of the earth as a result of earth removal.

Plant More Trees With Them

Whenever you get the opportunity, plant more trees. This includes in local parks as part of volunteer activities and also around your home. This will help improve the environment and also provide you with an opportunity to spend time outdoors as a family. Find out the right trees for the area in which you’re planting them so that they can thrive and also do good for the environment.

You will do well to find out information such as that, according to the United States Forest Service, there was a growth-to-removal ratio of 2:0 for hardwood trees. Of these, there were also 119% more in 2007 than there were in 1953. In this case, you may be better off planting different types of trees other than hardwood trees. Start your exercise with enough information, including the right way to plant the trees as well as short-term care that you should take of them to get them off to a good start.

Explore Alternatives When Doing Home Upgrades

Finally, as a homeowner, you will need to do upgrades every now and then. Make sure to do them in a sustainable way, by doing things such as recycling and reusing, for example. You should also replace broken and failing parts with more sustainable versions whenever possible. This will give you a more sustainable home that you can be proud of having and that will set a great standard.

For example, when it comes to something like tree removal, of which there were 127,298 tree removal businesses throughout the United States in 2022, according to IBIS, you should consider alternative options. Find out whether you can get an alternative to removing the tree in question. If not, call a qualified person to do it for you so that you can avoid causing damage. You will also save money if you get it done the right way, and you could get advice about what to do in the future from the experts you work with.

Whichever way you choose to teach your children about balancing their lives between modernity and the environment, always try to lead by example where possible. This is because children have an easier time doing what they see their parents and guardians do. You will therefore have a bigger chance of making a lasting difference if you take the time to set a sustainable example as the basis for everything else.

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