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Take a Walk … And Vote! Beating the Ballot Box Blues

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Whether November 6 has you terrified, hiding or seething, change begins with a vote. Turning off the news, joining intelligent conversations and meditating can all help ease voting pressures, as can taking a walk on Election Day. So strike forth, toward the future of our nation, on one of these ballot drop-box walks.

Voters can make it an all-day excursion to the Rogue River drop box at 412 E. Main Street, beginning at the Chamber of Commerce on the peaceful Rogue River. This easy, interactive loop starts with a stroll toward downtown along Depot Street across the bridge before reaching the Main Street juncture. Here you’ll spot the Homestead Pub, the first visit on your walk, where balloters can ease any angst over a pint or two. Next, mosey three blocks east down Main Street to the Double R Pub on your right, if you feel the need to reinforce your decisions before delivering your ballot at the library drop-box next door. Your nerves may now be settled enough to grab a bite at BeeGees Diner on Gilmour before touring the Liquor Store for a celebratory souvenir. Next, take Gilmour to Classick Drive and turn west (meaning right…your other right) toward the bridge where you’ll find the Greenway loop with benches to snooze on. Avoid opening any souvenirs as it may draw wildlife living on the Greenway.  

Beginners have a short walk near the Phoenix drop-box at 510 W. 1st Street, centered equally between the Summit Beverage Company and Medford Life Church. Need we say more?

Difficult to risky, the Medford walk can take taxpayers through a variety of viewpoints, each one better than the last. Before surrendering your vote curbside at the Community Corrections Center at 1101 W. Main, be sure to take this interpretive trail through the First United Methodist, Zion Lutheran, St. Mark’s Episcopal, Sacred Heart Catholic and Latter Day Saints church grounds, all within easements of each other. Or simply head east on Main until you hit the bar scene.

In Grants Pass, take a stroll down historic NW Washington Boulevard. Starting at NW Midland Avenue, head south on Washington (which will turn into 4th Street), and take a left on C Street. Half a block down, the Josephine Community Library will be on your left, with helpful historical literature on what votes have impacted in the past, or a plethora of other reading material to calm the mind before dropping your ballot off in the box in the back parking lot.

Drop-boxes close at 8 pm on Election Day. Find more locations at jacksoncountyor.org and co.jospehine.or.us.


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