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While California’s wine industry is suffering from epic mega-drought, Southern Oregon’s wine industry is growing like a bean stalk (to mix agriculture metaphors). With the epically dry condition in California has crimped the flow of wine out of California, that scarcity has created an opportunity for other regions to step

Kriselle Cellars – Sauvingon Blanc There aren’t as many whites coming out of Southern Oregon as there are reds, but that doesn’t mean those that do are any less mighty. Kriselle Cellars Sauvingon Blanc is a fantastically complex wine, with a smooth yet vibrant feel and a nice long finish.

Platt Anderson Cellars is Ashland’s first urban winery. Wait, an urban winery? Yes, it’s possible! They source each of their grapes from local vineyards based on desired soil quality, vine nutrient and flavor integrity. They then crush, press and ferment in Ashland’s residential railroad district. And the results are top-notch.