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Legal cannabis in Southern Oregon has had four years to get its feet and shuffle for position in the green rush. I wanted to know what it’s like to run a cannabis farm right now as the dust settles a bit. To get my hands dirty with the issues, I talked

If there is such a thing as a miracle product, hemp would be a suitable contender for the title. According to Kit Doyle of Murphy Hemp Company, “It solves some of the world’s greatest problems. From biodegradable plastics, food, fiber, and natural medicine. [Hemp] has the ability to bring wealth

“A micro-dose is generally considered to be one-20th to one-10th of a recreational dose,” according to an article published by The Cut titled “Microdosing’s Micromovement.” “If someone’s seeing things, he or she has taken too much. Most people micro-dose mushrooms or LSD, but other drugs have also become popular of

Best Dispensary Winner: Breeze Botanicals Honorable Mention: Pharm 2 Table Honorable Mention: Fireside   Best Budtender Winner: Eli Elliott at Breeze Bontanicals Hon. Mention: Megan at Talent Health Club Hon. Mention: Jesse Lee at Madrone Cannabis Club   Best Cannabis Strain Winner: Mawi Wawi/Maui Waui Hon. Mention: Madrone OG Hon.

Tommy Chong is currently under house arrest. Don’t panic; it’s a self-imposed house arrest. Back in 2003, when he ended up going to jail for selling pipes intended for smoking pot, there was a moment when he thought house arrest was going to be an option, and he was so

“We’re in the epicenter,” declares Mitra Sticklen. “Everyone is really passionate about the role they fill,” she says, and with a script that could come from a Silicon Valley startup, goes on to explain that they hold quarterly feedback sessions “to make sure everyone has an equal voice in the

In last week’s elections, Jackson County voters kindly approved Measure 15-141, a temporary property tax levy that will provide funding for Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD) to restore services on Saturdays, provide services for students and generally keep public transportation viable in the region. For the past few issues of

Are you tired of legally growing marijuana for personal use only to find yourself as the black sheep of the neighborhood? Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in Southern Oregon enjoys marijuana. Shocking, right? This realization can undoubtedly harsh a good mellow. Luckily, with a few simple steps, one can

Local Activism for Marijuana Politics Heats up As local governments scramble to adopt new measures and regulations to determine how marijuana growing and retailing will look in each city and county, citizens are rushing to participate. Recent city and county hearings seem to be the social highlight of the week these days. So

Interestingly, the proposed ban had been discussed at Medford City Council for the past few months—and until last Thursday, November 19, not a single person had showed up to formally opposed the idea to ban indoor and outdoor marijuana grows within the Medford city limits. In early November, with little